Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Machinegun Opera

I thought this was a pretty good idea....get a film done within a 48-hour lockdown at Calarts. Wish VFS had something like this. :D

Friday, December 22, 2006

Something to pass the time

Hello, dears.
While your whittling the time away this holiday, why not do something to enrich you mind and imagination?
I just read a fantastic book: The Life of Pi by Yann Martel. (Pi pronounced "pie," like the pastry, or 3.14). The story goes like this - Piscine Moritel Patel, or, Pi for short, is on a cargo ship to Canada with his family, and a good number of his father's zoo animals. The ship sinks. All that's left is a hyena, a zebra with a broken leg, an orangutan, a 450 lbs. male Bengal tiger, and Pi, a skinny, 16-year old Indian boy.
This is the story of his 227 days at sea.
I'm probably making it sound stupid, but trust me - this is the best book I've read in a while.
Happy reading, and happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

He Will Be Remembered

Hello, dears.
For those who read this blog, I'm sure this is nothing new, but for the newcomers, it is with a heavy heart that I annouce the passing of the brilliant Joseph Barbera (1911-2006), the other remaining half of the Hanna-Barbera duo of animation.
Realistically speaking, no, I never knew the man, but if it weren't for people like him, who knows where I, among thousands of others, would be today? Would I really be going to a school JUST for animation? Would I be training to spend the rest of my adult life making cartoons? Perhaps, if men like him, along with Bill Hanna, hadn't come along, commerical - hell, just animation PERIOD might not be where it is today.
Case in point.
As a citizen of North America, it's undeniable that characters such as Tom and Jerry, the Flintstones, and Yogi Bear have made SOME sort of impact. If I go up to my 57 year old dad and say, "Yabba dabba do!" he'll know exactly what I'm talking about.
Thank you, Sir Joseph, for taking animation where it is today.
I'm sure that a gray tabby and a little brown mouse are weeping for the loss.
Love always,

Joseph Barbera

Sunday, December 10, 2006

For Whom the Bell Tolls...

...It tolls for those who don't have their clean-up done. x_x
Well, we're on the proverbial home stretch, here. One week until our Christmas break, and really only one more week of 'free' (I use the term VERY loosely) to do the grunt-work for our films.
I'm half-way through my clean-up, but I've done pretty much all of my tough scenes, so there are really just easy ones ahead. :D Not to mention that I'm colouring them about as fast as I'm cleaning them up.
I'm honestly a bit scared. I'm so tired, and I'm not sure I can get this done.....
But, where there's a will, there's a way. I certainly haven't come this far just to give up.
I drew another nice pic that I'm proud of....when I get a chance, I'll scan it in.
Take care, everyone.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Let it snow

Hey all,
I just had the urge to make a comment about the immensly abnormal snowfall. I'm at my school still, and...well, I've never really spent a winter in Vancouver, but it is so unbelievably cold I can barely move.
A classmate of mine just pointed out that it started snowing again....second one today. Yikes. I shouldn't complain, though...we wanted a white Christmas (if it'll last that long!), and at least I'm not still back in my old town, Mission. My dad was telling me that...well, too many people have already DIED in the last...what, three days? Lower Mainland drivers are NOT PREPARED FOR SNOW. Very dangerous out there.
To anyone in this area - for God's sake, try taking transit. Stay warm, bundle up, and wash your hands frequently - nasty cold's goin' around.
Take care, and...well, I guess we should try to enjoy it for what it is, right? ^_^;;;

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I Could Be Doing Something More Constructive

Hello, everyone....
I had a bit of an..."artistic breakdown" on Friday...
Y'know, it's funny - I KNOW I should have been doing cleanup....but...I just...couldn't. I had to draw something different.
So, I ended up with this - Midna, your Twilight co-pilot from the new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii.
I'm pleased with how it turned out. :D
Well, back to work. ^_^

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Way to Go!!!

Remember good ol' Esteban? That guy's been busy!! I stumbled across this while on Cartoon Brew....Congratulations, Esteban!!
Crazy mo-fo's already won an award!! ^_^

Once again....

Hello, once again.
Alright - the second one is of Sora, from the famed Kingdom Hearts series. I was doodling him in class, realizing that when I draw him, he has quite the resemblance to Ash Ketchum, the imdominatble child star of Pokemon.
Huh....I probably should've colour-corrected these before I posted them. Oh well.
What else....ah yes! I'm totally done rough animation! Wait....I think I already posted that. Nevermind.
What else...oh! The Nintendo Wii is SO COOL!!! I worked the Wii release at my store, and honestly, I have to say that it was the best line-up I've ever worked with. I played security, so even when I had to go out and tell everyone that we were all sold out, they were really good about it. If you think about it, a vast majority of the line-up were all Nintendo fan-boys, who are some of the nicest people in the world. It was great.
But then...:D
My roommate bought one as well, along with Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Trauma Center: Second Opinion. I was a little disappointed with TC, though. I mean, I have the first one for the DS, and the Wii one is EXACTLY THE SAME. Like, WORD FOR WORD. So far, the only difference is that after a certain story point, you're introduced to a new playable character somewhere else in the States. Oh, yeah, and the art is a BIT different. I'm willing to give it a chance, though.
Zelda? Fucking sweet. Totally awesome. I mean, you have Link, who's already super hot, and he's a werewolf?! How much more do you need in a game? I'm set! I don't need anything else!
But really, it's great. It's suprisingly easy to control with the Wiimote and the Wiichuck. They did a great job.
And who could forget my lovely Final Fantasy III? It's SO CUTE! Way to go, Akihiko Yoshida. :D
Anything else exciting? Ah, yes.
I'm sick.
I caught a cold yesterday, and I've been staying home all day in bed. Fever, headache, runny nose....gawd. And still so much clean-up to do. Well, I'm heading off to school tomorrow, regardless of how I feel. Although even sitting upright takes a tremendous amount of effort....
I'm off to bed (even though that's where I've been for about 90% of my day...).
Goodnight, everyone. Stay dry and warm, and don't forget to wash your hands often. :D

Not enough time for what?

Hello, everyone.
Posting at home, and I finally scanned in some doodles I've been doing!

The first one is Fran, a character from the new Final Fantasy XII game. I LOVE her character...she's so....quietly wise. :D Plus, she's absolutly beautiful. I had a hard time drawing her - her face and features are so round if you see her character art.
Okay....I'll post the second one after - I'm fighting with Blogger right now.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Celebrate Good Times

Hello, my dears.
My, what a busy week! I'm awfully happy....
Now, I just need the official sign-off.
But then I'm set! :D
Just....really.....working, I guess. Super tired....snore....This weather is very dangerous for everyone, directly, and indirectly. Directly, as in the sense of, like, the Chilliwack river flooding, and indirectly as in the I'm-in-bed-and-it's-warm-in-here-and-cold-out-there-and-I-wanna-stay-in-my-bed sorta thing. Dangerous. *_* Suxx0rz. :P
Shipping delays at work....PS3 coming out tomorrow....super. But damn! I'm working on the Wii release on Sunday! Oh well....I said I'd work Sunday's again...I can't complain.
Oh - one last thing - Anat and I have found God, and it's name is Creme Caramel tea, by Stash.
Now, normally, I wouldn't touch Stash tea with a ten-foot-pole, what on account of the fact that it smells and tastes like ass, but this stuff is really good! I'm impressed! They describe it as being based off of the Dolce de lete dessert (sp?). Man....Mmm mm. Bit of milk and sugar, and you're really cooking! Yum!
Well, I also drew a picture that I'm really proud of, so I'll scan it in later on.
Take care,

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's getting harder....

Hello, everyone.
It's Monday, my "real" day off....I know I should be going to school, I know I should. I worked all day Saturday, and, honestly...unless I HAVE to go to school, it's getting harder and harder to motivate myself to get up and go. I'm always so tired, and staying at home and relaxing just seems so nice, you know?
Put yourself in my shoes - outside, it's cold, gross, and it's a one-hour commute to school. OR - I could be here, in my apartment, wearing comfy pj's, and drinking tea. Hmmmm.....decisions, decisions....
Well, at least I brought some work home, so it's not that bad. I'll make an honest attempt to get SOMETHING done today....blah. This blows.
Sorry. ^_^;;;
Take care,
PS - Head over to to see the trailer for the new Simpsons movie. Don't forget to read the little comment that goes with it - us animationist types will have a good laugh. :D

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More Gems from Run Wrake

Hello, everyone.
Just a quick post before I prep for tomorrow...
For those of you who liked that 'Rabbit' film, the lovely guys at Cartoon Brew posted a link to all the rest of Run Wrake's shorts and/or commercials.
I'm warning you, they're STRANGE.
But, on the other hand, they're really cool.
Something about his stuff just grows on me. Can't explain.
Good times, noodle salad. :D
Take care, everyone.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rough Animation, sc. 18

Yet another scene. Huh....the sound seems to be off. Strange. Also, this starts at a 6 FLD on the little kid (close-up), tracks over to the left, then zooms/trucks out to a full 12 fld.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

God damn keyboard shortcuts!!!!

Sorry!!! Sorry! I accidently pressed crtl+s. God damn computers. :P
Let's try this again.

Chili Con Carne
by Kelly A., original by Dorit R.

You'll need:

-2 cans of red kidney beans (the Heinz 'chili' style work wonderfully)
-1/2 lbs. (1 pkg.) ground beef
-2 tsp. canola oil
-2-4 tsp. sweet paprika
-salt/pepper to taste
-2 tsp. oregano
-1 bay leaf
-1 large green bell pepper
-1 med.-large onion
-4-6 mushrooms
-1 small can tomato paste
-2-4 tbsp. ketchup
-1/2 large can of whole tomatoes

In a large pot, cook the ground beef in the oil until brown. Don't drain any fat. Although you can use lean g.b., anything's okay, really. Add the kidney beans with the sauce they come in.
Cook for a minute or two. Add the seasonings. Adjust to taste.
Add all of the vegetables. If you want the veggies to be a bit softer, just let the chili simmer longer.
Now, a major chili killer (in my minimal experience anyways) is liquid. You want your chili to be nice and thick, not tomato soup with ground beef in it. The liquid that comes with the beans is actually ususally enough, although that's why I like adding the whole tomatoes. Add as many as you want, but they come in big cans, so half that is usually fine. Again, adjust accordingly, but pour a nice amount of the tomato juice in along with the whole tomatoes. You can just mush them in half with a wooden spoon; save yourself the mess.
Add in the ketchup. Honestly, this makes a big difference. It gives the chili a wonderfully sweet flavour.
And, lastly, if you're a spice nut, throw whatever else you want in there. I didn't add any chili powder because I'm a wuss. :D
Let that simmer on low heat for 10-15 min., or, as stated earlier, longer (20-23 min.) for slightly more tender veggies.
Serve with a bit of bread.

Well, considering I'm only a student, this is a nice, affordable, and tasty recipe. Not to mention it's EASY! You make the entire thing by throwing it all into the same pot.

Prepping for the colder season

Hello, everyone.
Muah ha ha....rejoice on all souls night - it's Hallowe'en!
I feel bad that I don't have much spirit...I dunno. Maybe it's because I'm not much of a party person, or that I'm a broke-ass mo-fo. :D Hallowe'en booze are pricey....*_*
Just got another scene signed let's see - that's....six signed off out of....what....18? All-nighters for me....:P
Now, on a more comforting note, since over here in Vancouver/Burnaby we're breaking weather records, I figure it's time to prep ourselves accordingly. It's gotten alarmingly and unseasonably cold recently, so over the last couple of weekends, I've been cooking. Honestly, with my time and money budget, finding recipes that you can make that's cheap, healthy and plentiful is great.
So, for those of you just stopping by, here's a "Cady-fied" version of a wonderful chili con carne (with meat). The whole things costs about....I'd say six bucks to make, is healthy, filling, easy to make, AND freezes well. Oh, and did I mention unbelievably tasty? Don't believe me? Give it a shot.

Chili Con Carne - Cady-style

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rough animation, sc. 7

Weeee!! I was so proud of how this turned out...hey, don't worry, everybody - this is what I've spent $16,000 doing!
PS - Thanks for lending your voice, Adam! :D

I saw this film from the Cartoon Brew blog, and, despite being really wierd and creepy, it's stuck with me. I've already seen it several times, and...yeah. There's just something about it. Great style, and very much deserving the awards it's nominated for.
PS - Those kids are ruthless AND powerful! I can't cleave a full-grown sheep in half with a hatchet - in ONE SWING. You'll see what I mean. ;D

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Work work work....

Hello, lovlies.
I hope things are well for the masses.
Me? I'm doing alright, all things considered. When I get my sound files to work, I'll post up a quick scene that I'm done animating. I'm really proud of how it turned out. :D (Although, it's only rough still.)
Hmmmm....other stuff besides school....ah yes.
Playstation 3.
What a fuck up that was! Soosh, Sony! As VG Cats stated it, "it was an overwhelming success due to an EXTREME lack of goods." Bah. I'm really glad I didn't work the opening....:P
Yeah, what else...oh! Equilibreum is a really cool movie. Go Batman! Cristian Bale should be in every movie ever made. Even, like, the Sound of Music. Yeah. That would be fucking sweet. :D
That's about it. I have a mush brain, and I must go and clean the fridge. *sigh*
My duties never cease.
Take care,
PS - Woof!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And we will marvel at it...

It's....about 9:20pm, and I've been up since....4:30am? I'm going to be here rather late I'm afraid. You see, our layout deadline is tomorrow, and I promised through hell or high water that I'm going to make that deadline!! *_*
Me and my big mouth.
What actually ate up so much of my time was (well, besides Okami ^_^ ) is I just finished up with a voice recording session! I teamed up with a really nice, and really talented sound student named Ian, and I brought in my two stars, and we...well, recorded! In an ADR room, and everything! I even did a little bit of a voice-over myself! It was certainly an experience. I got to work with wonderful people (thanks Anat and Adam! You guys were great!!), and it was just swell. Now, onto animation!!
After I finish layout!
I can do all of my marveling at my ring and its invisibility powers after I've met my deadline.
Have a great night, everyone. :D
Love always,
PS - .....mmmm....turkey......*drool*

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hello, dears.

Just thought I'd post a quick 'hello,' and update to what's going on.

Everything's actually going okay, to be honest. Layout, while I do derive some kind of perverse enjoyment from it, is still frustrating and brain-melting.

Oh! And, if you're wondering who these two lovely little pooches are, they're my final film characters, Argo and Astos (left to right). I'm just prepping my voice actors, and before I know it, I'll have walking, talking characters. I'm really excited to see these two come to life. :D

Well, that's all I'll post for tonight. Goodnight, world. Be safe and well.



Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Whoop! There she is!

Hello everyone.
Well, even amidst the turmoil, there is always a ray of light. My roommate (and one of my dearest friends) finally came home today!! :D I'm so happy to see her! She's back safe and sound, toting many goodies from her parents. I missed her so. ^_^ Welcome home, Anat!
Let's film is going wonderfully - got all of my shit signed off nice and early! Onto layout tomorrow....three days ahead of schedule! Woot!
If I can remember to scan them, I'll post up a picture of my final film character designs for my two pooches - Astos and Argo, the werewolves. ^_^
Yeah.....other than that, nothing really else going on. Well, nothing that I'll post, anyways. *cough*
To layout!
Well, to bed first
Goodnight, everyone.
PS - While exploring another great blog, Cartoon Brew (, I came upon a great little competition that was held a while back: introducing the Top 10 Most Influential Flash Shorts in "Cold Hard Flash!"
Have fun!
PPS - Am I the only one who thinks the John K. one (George Liquior and Jimmy the Idiot Boy) is fucking stupid, poorly written, poorly animated, and just all around blows?

Friday, September 22, 2006

O-M-G - Where's the ring?

Don't worry, I found a new one. :D
Can't get enough of that video. Maybe that's how I should make my flash film...
Things...are going well. There' word it delicatly, a bit of an "internal conflict." Things are getting rather tense, you see. Actually, I'm the one instigating all of it, but a blog is really not a very appropriate place to be posting things like that.
Final film is going rather well, in my opinion. I just got my storyboard signed off earlier today, and I just need to drop my exported stills into Adobe Premier for editing and timing. Then, it's onto character design and...yeah! That will be an early deadline met (woo!), then it's onto layout!
To all of those who are actually listening, I don't know what I was freaking out about. Final film is actually really fun.
Be aware that I'm probably going to eat those words VERY SOON. :P
Yeah, other than that, things are alright. I bought Ookami yesterday....what a beautiful game! Man alive! I feel it has sort of a wierd, "Ecco the Dolphin" sort of atmosphere, where you're an animal character inside of a huge world. I've only gotten to play about two hours of it (I'm sure a certain SOMEONE KNOWS WHY.....>_< ), but man, is it ever cool. Highly recommended.
Well, I'm actually going to fall into bed....Being angry really saps the energy from you, doesn't it?
Love always,
PS - Hi Laurel!!! :D

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's Cady Time!

Hello dearies.
Dun dun dun....! A little anti-climactic (or should I say belated?), I know, but, my internet has been rather tempermental as of late. class started final film yesterday. Yup. THE final film. The final film, as in the one that we've heard SO many stories about...wah. I'm scared.
Honestly, though, we're just on character designs, storyboard and leica reel right now, and it...well, it almost doesn't seem real. Or, I should say, I don't feel that we're in any reel danger. See, there's a bit of an animation joke, you know, 'reel,' instead of...? Yeah. Nevermind. :D
Even though there's a lot - I mean, a LOT - I mean, huge, HUGE amounts of work, but, as the elected official of my class, I have a lot of faith that some fucking kick ASS films are going to come out of this year. Go 63!
Anyhoo, last but not least, my final 'wah,' because a couple of new games I preorded are coming out during final film:
-Ookami, for the PS2, coming out....oh! Tomorrow! Crazy japanese ink painting game with a sweet-looking wolf god. Woot.
-Final Fantasy 3 for the Nintendo DS, coming out sometime in November. The REAL number 3, not 6.
-Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner, for the PS2 again. Hey, if Atlus slaps an SMT in front of a title, you KNOW it's gonna be fucking sweet.
-Phoenix Wright: Justice for All for the Nintendo DS. I have NO idea when this is coming out, but we have a preorder SKU for it. The date reads 01/01/06. Uh oh. Looks like I missed the boat on this one. o_O;;;; Get it right in coding, you morons!!
Well, I'm off to play Lego Star Wars 2. Can't recommend it enough. Taste defeat, Empire! Hah!
Love always,

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lord of the Rings parody

I found this on YouTube while I was just fooling is most certainly roxorz. :D

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So sleepy is this post...

Hello, everyone.
Sorry for not updating in a timely fashion, but much has been going on.
First off, I found the source of my chronic sleepy-time - after a blood test, I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. Not the end of the world.....It's like my asthma (to a point): I won't die from it, but I need to watch it closely and treat it properly. It just sucks, more than anything. But hey - it could've been worse. I should count my blessings. :D I also get a valid excuse in case I sleep in.
Hmmm....what else....oh yeah - FINAL FUCKING FILM!!! AHHHHHHH!!! We have our pitch with the head of the department tomorrow, and we START FILM ON MONDAY. Holy. Crap. o_O;;;
We'll see what happens....I've got my stuff ready; maybe I should scan some of it in.
Y'know, come to think of it, not a whole lot just feels like a lot of time has passed. Oh yeah - Lego Star Wars 2 is fucking SWEET! My roommate and I got it for the PS2, and it's great. Although, personally, I can't WAIT until Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner. Got mine preordered and ready. Now, to wait. :D
I should really post some art....I'll wait until something cool comes up. And I actually remember to scan it. ^_^
I'm probably gonna head off soon....see ya!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rough ride...!

Hello, everyone.
Been a semi-busy week....labour day long weekend (hah! What weekend? I worked the whole damn thing...), but it doesn't look like everyone got some well-deserved rest. I hope my poor class is going to be up for final film....! o_O;;;;
Nothing much else going on, actually....I've been a bit 'under the weather,' and I'm waiting for my blood test to get back. Good times. :P Probably nothing, but it never hurts to check.
Yeah....actually, I've got nothing. Starfox Command for the DS is pretty cool...controls are a bit difficult. I spent a bit of Saturday getting totally owned by my assistant manager. It was nice. :D
I'll try and make a decent drawing to put up
Good night. ^_^

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 good!

Hello, everyone.
Back to school *sigh*....even after having a week off, everyone still seems so tired...even me, and I've got everything done on time! *_* Yeah, lately I've just been feeling pooped out...this morning, I fell asleep on the Skytrain, and I almost missed my stop. That NEVER happens. I've also lost my appetite. Hm. Should keep an eye on that. :P
Lots going on at old student came back, and the new class...? Well, they're big, and, for the most part, seem like really nice people. One of the guys is a little....uh....I guess "friendly" is the closest term, but...*cough*. Nevermind. ^_^;;;
On a more ominous note....


Oh my. O_o;;;

But, other than that (and that crazy Grand Theft Auto-esque killing spree in San Fransico! Holy crap!) everything's pretty good, all things considered.
For the Nintendo DS owners/players: Someone (I'm not gonna say who...) bought me Trauma Center: Under the Knife a few days ago. My review? Awesome!
Honestly, it's a great game, it just takes a lot of getting used to. It's gross, but, you're cutting people open, so it's supposed to be; and it's HARD! Yeesh! I failed the last operation when the guy's "pulse" was at like, 30, when it should be at about 99 (the highest, but this guy just flatlined o_O;;;), and my assistant was like: "Alright, Dr. Stiles, stabalize his vitals! Oh oh! He has glass embedded in his heart!" So I'm flying around with my foreceps, trying to stop the bleeding, I pull one out, then blood starts spurting everywhere! My assistant starts freaking out " Doctor! He's bleeding out!" So I rush for the antibiotic protein gel for the cuts, WHILE the other shards need to be dealt with, when all of a sudden I look up and his fucking pulse CRASHES to nothing! Operation Failed in the course of about....uh....I'd say six-eight seconds. Yikes.
Still, WONDERFUL game. I highly recommend it. It's also by Atlus, so chances are, it's good. :D
Well, I'll post some more (and late) Anime Evolution 2006 photos when I get the rest from my roommate.
I'm gonna go rest, then maybe do some weiner keys....
"Unlce Russ' pure horse meat franks. They are the very best weiners. good!"
So good indeed.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The monk and the fish

I saw this in class a little while ago. Very cute; awesome timing. And if you're wondering, yes, the fish is apparently a metaphor. I'll post the supposed answer later if I feel like it.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Nerd it up!

Hello, everyone.
Yayy!!! End of term!!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Time to get me some sleep! :D
On a more professional note, another big congrats to CA60 for completing a tough year, but coming out so strong. I saw a lot of really great films last night.....those guys have a lot of talent at their disposal. Congratulations again, class 60. I wish you all the best in your future endevours.
Now, onto the vacation. I spent all day at the infamous convention, Anime Evolution, held up at Simon Fraser University. It was so much fun! This is the first time I've ever had the oppurtunity to go for all three days, so I'm going to get the most out of it.
Lots of coplayers, lots of anime, and Artist's Alley is looking better every year. Lots of talented people.
The anime walk-off? More like dance-off! Sa-weet. I feel bad that I didn't stay for the whole thing, but I just got so tired....Ah well. I'll go for round 2 tomorrow. :D
At the end of the con I'll post up some photos that my friend took. Good stuff!
Take care, everyone.
Love always,
PS - A big hug to another very dear friend of mine whom I love very much - I really hope you feel better soon. Let me know if you need anything! You know who you are. :D

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hello, everyone. :D
Busy c0uple of days! Argh! I worked literally all weekend long...of course, everyone's gotta take their vacation time NOW, at the END OF TERM...I have the feeling I've alread kvetched about this. Bleh.
Yeah....I'm tired. REALLY tired. REALLY, REALLY tired. But, on a nicer note, I'm off in....two days? Counting Friday? Yay. :DToday was a special day for two big reasons: 1) It was my older brother's birthday today. Jesse is....24? 25? Oh oh. I'm embarrased. And, 2) It makes me happy to see my friends happy, and today, a dear friend of mine is VERY happy - her highly coveted game came out today!! Presenting....Final Fantasy VII - Dirge of Cerberus!!! Woo! She's been waiting a good, long while for this game. She's having fun. :D
Actually...come to think of it, I have a picture of her that I drew - hold on a sec.See you later, lovlies.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally! Some action. :D

Hello, everyone.
Here's one of my mysterious doodles that I've been exclaiming I did.
Was that even proper english?
Yeah. I did this last Monday while I was in the grips of an exceptionally bad mood.
And yes, that's kind of what I look like. FYI - I usually make the effort to look better than that. :D
Have fun; I'll put more up.
PS - No lie on the boob size, either! *lol*

Clear sailing ahead! *yikes!*

Hello again.
Man alive... I'm feeling awfully selfish complaining that I'm having a bad least I have a roof over my head, a clean, comfortable, safe living space, and that I'm neither being bombed - nor am I sleeping in an airport right now. Good tidings to all those out there....hang on to your luggage! ^_^;;; Just, hang in there period. :P
I guess just too many of us are concerned only with what's going on in our own little worlds, huh? Like, getting two assignments done by next Friday (full animation!), along with working the WHOLE FUCKING WEEKEND because everyone's deciding to go on vacation?! Yeargh. As if yesterday's meltdown wasn't bad enough....ah well. At least it wasn't public. *_*
Okay - now, seriously, I'm going to be scanning those things tonight. No excuses! Bad Cady! Bad!
Speaking of which, if I can find/make a nice one, I'll post a picture of my air-headed alter-ego, Cady. Well, she's not so much my alter-ego, just a character I role-play with. I'll draw my REAL alter-ego at some point. Like, if people actually start reading this dribble....
Well, I'm in class - Werner awaits.
PS - If you get a chance, try watching some Werner. It's hella popular in Germany, and one of the features, "Eat my Dust," was actually kinda cool. Also, "The Old Lady and The Pigeons." If you can find it, WATCH IT!! I can't find any links or anything yet, but I'll keep looking. :D It's by the same guy who did "The Tripletts of Belleville."

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Aw man....not gonna make it....*snore*

Hello, dearies.
Not much new over our long of my roommates got pretty sick, so I had to make sure she would be okay. Not that I mind taking care of her, I'm just feeling awfully drained myself...-_-
Yeah - job, school, people, health - this is also the first time I've been broke - like, FLAT broke since school started. I've done pretty up until now, but that doesn't mean it doesn't suck any less. Ah well. Rogers will have no problem giving me an extension.
Hey! And, as promised, I did a couple of doodles in life drawing - I'll scan 'em up tonight. These are just silly little doodles - I don't think I'll put up some REAL life drawing. Well, maybe....we'll see.
I had a lot more I wanted to post, but now I can't think of anything.
Man...I need a boyfriend. At least, a very handsome man to give me a backrub. ^_^
I'll post later on tonight.
Love always,
PS - A word of advice - when you're tired, sitting in the nice warm sun with a magnificently perfect breeze will NOT wake you up. Just, y'know, letting you guys know. :D

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sonic The Hedgehog Extended Trailer

For anyone who cares...
I've been a fan of Sonic since I was in the third grade, so seeing this extended trailer for the new 360/PS3 Sonic...well, let's just say I think I just got a bit of drool on me. Yeah. It's THAT good.
Now, to think of a way to afford a PS3....

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Phoenix Wright TGS (English sub)

Again, for Phoenix Wright fans only. I saw this video off of VG cats, and just HAD to post it. You have to be a real gamer nerd to get the jokes, but it's just awesome. Watch even if you don't know who any of these characters are. :D
How to cope with death

One of my teachers showed us this lovely little animated short. How to cope with death, indeed! Shine on, you crazy diamond.

He is so teh haxors.

Hello, everyone.
In a bit better mood today....Just on another note, to those who interact with me on a day-to-day basis - I apologize for my tasteless humor and bad attitude this past week. It was VERY unlike me, and I'm sorry. -_-
Now, onto some nicer notes - or just weird ones. What is it about me that attracts homeless people, and men over 40? This morning, I'm riding on the Skytrain, doing my thing (listening to music). Now, I have my headphones on, and my head down, when I hear a voice kind of shouting "Hey! Will everyone just stop shoving?" Curious, I looked up, only to see the source of said shoving. This african-american woman had jostled her way through the morning commute crowd to get to me specifically - she leans over towards me, so I take my headphones off, and she asks if I had any spare change. Now, not the guy sitting next to me, or someone else, but ME. Very strange. As for the men over 40, well....more of an annoyance, really. Now, I haven't been in a relationship in....hmmm....this November, it'll be three years. Don't get me wrong, there have (and are! ^_~) guys that I like, but the ONLY people who actually come up to me to strike a conversation, or try and get me to come home with them (o_O;;;) are men old enough to be my Dad. It's IMMESNLY IRRITATING. Am I destined to be some sort of twinkie? *sigh*
Okay - enough of that. On to fun stuff! - This is the blog of my life drawing teacher at school. He is, as the title states, teh haxors. Teh haxors indeed. Or maybe he's more of an aimbot....hmmm....I'll have to think about that one. So nerdy! :D This blog is a girl in my class. She's super. :D Maybe I should start a net-wide petition to get her back fixed, hmmm? Yeah, that's right. I'm looking in your direction, missy.
Now for the cool stuff. In a stroke of brilliance, I forgot some of the drawings I wanted to scan, but I'm going to try something else.
Wish me luck!
Love always,

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hoo haa!

Hello, my dears.

What a tiring day. *whew* Actually, permission to kvetch ----- permission granted. :D
It's really been one of those weeks, you know? Like, due to circumstances TOTALLY beyond our control, our rent is late. I've got assignments up the wazoo (but I'm on time with all of them! yay!), and work is getting more intense, now that the higher-ups are starting to take their vacations. Also, it really doesn't help that the guy I'm totally mackin' on (oh, oh! Wait! But...he has a girlfriend! Who didn't see that coming?) is hanging out in my classroom too. Wah. :p
Ehh....I've lost my train of thought. Ugh.
But, on a better note, I'm on time with all of my assignments. Wee!
But man....I am SO tired. I've gotten about four hours of sleep a night for the past couple of nights. Bleh.
I'll probably do a nicer post in a day or two....I'm sorry.
Take care, lovelies - keep your wits about you at all times.
PS - For any Nintendo DS owners out there - BUY PHOENIX WRIGHT!!!! It's the BEST DS game I've played so far! I just finished up case number four....only one more to go!! It's discontinued, but seriously, I don't care HOW many old ladies you have to shove out of the way - GET THAT GAME!!! You'll love yourself for it.
Heh heh....:D

Monday, July 31, 2006

Scary Stuff...

Hello lovlies. :D
Not much going on today....Although I've done a couple of drawings....I'll try to scan them and put them up.
Today is most certainly a Monday, if you catch my drift. Our beautiful summer weather is gone (very strange, even for us), I woke up at 4:30 am, and I'm dealing with....well, any girls reading this will know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. :P
Also....I'm worried. I know that throughtout the history of man, there has NEVER been a period of "true peace," I suppose you could call it. Somewhere, between some people, there will always be strife. My dad once told me when I was little: " If you have two Gardens of Eden, with two different people living in them, eventually, one will try to take the other." Or something like that.
I never understood that, being only about ten years old, but for some reason, I couldn't help but remember that.
My roommate, also one of my dearest friends, is very upset. And, unfortunatly, with due reason. Her home is back in the middle east (I won't say where, just to cut her some slack), and, well, she's worried about her family. Not to mention I'm really not liking all the Anti-Semetic activity that's recently arisen. I'm worried about her, and the general safety of Jews everywhere. I mean, this is the kind of shit you read about in highschool studying WW2. It should NOT be happening now.
Well, I've got to run; I'm in class.
Take care, all of you out there.
And hey - stop for a moment to think - maybe jumping to conclusions based ONLY on what a biased media says might not be the wisest decision. Use your head, and your heart.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Some recommendations.....

Hello again!
Just thought I'd throw down a couple of recommended....well, anything. Mind you, these are just personal opinions.... ^_^
Video Games - Anything Sonic the Hedgehog (anyone see the preview for the new Sonic [360, PS3]? Friggin' incredible!!), and anything from Atlus/NIS America. I'm a HUGE fan of anything from their Shin Megami Tensei series (for the PS2, there's Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga 1&2, and Devil Summoner in September). My roommate and I also love Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Awesome voice overs.
Anime - Uhhh...I enjoy a pretty broad range, but for starters, try the popular 'basics,' like Cowboy Beebop, Fullmetal Alchemist (watch it in JAPANESE, for God's sake!!),'m drawing a blank. I'll get back to this one.
Webcomics - Penny Arcade! (, VG Cats (, Ctrl-Alt-Del (, Girly (, White Ninja Comics (, and Dr. McNinja ( These are just starters.
Tea - Chai tea is awfully tasty. Mmmm....Red Rose, oh! Tetley makes a wicked Earl Grey Green Tea. So good.....! My current favourite is Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla White Chai. Throw in some sugar and soy milk....oh! To die for, darling.
Well.....*murmer* I should get back to homework. That pixie dust ain't gonna animate itself....:P
A simple note - these are just some VERY broad recommedations. Never hesitate to get out there and try that new ethnic food, or dive into a book you would't normally read. The world is so large - never limit yourself. :D

Hello world! Hear me roar!

Hello lovlies!
My name, or the one you get to see, is Cady. :D
Currently, I am a young student (21! Ack!) taking Classical Animation in loverly British Columbia. I've never really had a blog before....what to say....
I decided to get a blog so I can be cool just like everyone else. Nothing makes my day better than conforming to what pop culture tells you to. Now, where's my Starbucks.... ;D
Seriously though, I'm a full-time student also pulling a job. I'm also lucky enough to work at an EB Games to satiate my video game (semi) addiction.
As for stuff about me, I like, as mentioned before, video games, drawing, anime, role-playing (yeah D&D 3.5! Just hit level 7! Woot!), reading web comics, and lately, sleeping. ^_^ But, that's not to say I don't enjoy the finer things in life. I greatly enjoy cooking (I'm no Iron Chef, but I've got a wider cooking range than Kraft Dinner), cleaning my apartment, and basically being motherly. Don't ask why. Also, there is nothing in exsistance better than a nice cup of tea shared with people you love and care about. If there is, then I've yet to find it.
I'm totally nerding it out in the best province in Canada, and I couldn't be happier. I just wish the homework load would let up....! o_O;;;
I'm pretty senile, so I'll try and remember to update on a regular basis.
Take care,