Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And we will marvel at it...

It's....about 9:20pm, and I've been up since....4:30am? I'm going to be here rather late I'm afraid. You see, our layout deadline is tomorrow, and I promised through hell or high water that I'm going to make that deadline!! *_*
Me and my big mouth.
What actually ate up so much of my time was (well, besides Okami ^_^ ) is I just finished up with a voice recording session! I teamed up with a really nice, and really talented sound student named Ian, and I brought in my two stars, and we...well, recorded! In an ADR room, and everything! I even did a little bit of a voice-over myself! It was certainly an experience. I got to work with wonderful people (thanks Anat and Adam! You guys were great!!), and it was just swell. Now, onto animation!!
After I finish layout!
I can do all of my marveling at my ring and its invisibility powers after I've met my deadline.
Have a great night, everyone. :D
Love always,
PS - .....mmmm....turkey......*drool*

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