Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh technology, how we love thee


Since web design is such a gem, I'll repost that Bioshock video...I'll only do the url; I'm not in the mood to fight with these things right now. ^_^;;

Enjoy, and Welcome to the Cult of Rapture.


The End of the Road

Hey all,

Wow, Friday the I get the keys to my new apartment. Wacky! It's a short move, and I'm by myself for the first two days, :( but at least my Daddy and Stepmummy are coming out on Sunday to help me. On that note, thank you so much three day weekend! *sigh of relief*

The more time I have to get settled, the better. ^_^

So yeah....I'll be dismanteling my computer tonight, so nothing for at least a few days, so I just wanted to leave you with some lovely parting gifts.

I drew this last week at D& character, Deina, is the big one - she's not really that big (she is only an elf, after all), but Ariel, the one on her leg, is the mage....during battle, since I'm the meat shield/heavy hitter, she casts 'giant size' on me. That spell is so much Yay mayhem! From the top is Unis ie. Kiyamo and Dyonisis (Dee), his giant celestial wolf, Nai ie. Silver Fox, our skirmish archer, and Kaya ie. Ariel, our mage. (Our characters have aliases because we're always being

Second, for all you gamers out there, here's the heartwarming meeting of the first time you encounter a Little Sister and her over-protective co-hort, the Big Daddy. Awwww.

Peace out, all.

Love, Cady

Sunday, August 26, 2007

AE 2007, among other things

Hello everyone,

My goodness...sorry for the lack of posting. Things have been unbelievably crazy around here...I'm finally moving (my new place is nice and close...ya easy move!), so on that note, my net will be back up...Sept. 6. So nothing until then. =(
Oh, the title? What is 'AE', you ask? Well, that would be Anime Evolution 2007! Anime Evolution is an anime convention held up in the spacious and beautiful Simon Fraser University in Burnaby. It's a massive three-day event containing everything from cosplayer competitions, karaoke, a huge dealers room, speakers panels, guests stars (artists, prominent voice actors, etc), concerts, and, of course - lots and lots of anime. ^_~
I've been to the last...three, I think. Three or four, I can't remember. :S They're always a ton of fun - you see some of the strangest, but always nicest people, along with their sometimes crappy, or sometimes AMAZING costumes!
This year, after much scrounging (and thank you so much to my friend Shari) we finally got a table in the esteemed 'Artist's Alley'! AA is a little section where you hawk off your home-made wares - posters, prints, figures, books/bookmarks, t-shirts, dresses....whatever! Anything goes! This year, I did something a little different - custom-made, home-made, and hand-frosted cookies!

Here's the Prince of the Cosmos, along with his trusty katamari, from the game series Katamari Damacy...

Here's the 'logo' from Full Metal Alchemist....

And here's Ichigo's hollow mask from Bleach. I made a few others, but I don't feel like posting the photos right now. :3 While they were very time-consuming, they were a ton of fun to make, and they sold pretty well! These are something I would totally do again, even for a different occasion! :D

I mentioned guest starts, right? Well, both Anat and myself got to meet Scott Ramsoomair of VG Cats! ( ). Anat was lucky enough to get a photo with him, and an autographed 'best of' book, and I got an autographed poster. Scott is super-friendly (Canadian too!) and really seemed to get a kick out of Vancouver. Hope to see you again, Scott!

Lastly, I'll post some of the good costumes, just because they're too good to pass up:

Captain Jack Sparrow, anyone? (He even did all the weird, flow-y body movements...this guy was good!)

Sora (R) and Roxas (L), his Nobody, from Kingdom Hearts 2...

Jesse and James from Team Rocket (Pokemon)....

Deedlit, the high elf from classic (one of my first!) anime Record of the Lodoss Wars....

And the 'Main Character' from Persona 3! A big thank you to Anat for flagging her down for a photograph. ^_^

Anyways, I've blabbered on long enough....I've got lots more photos, but I've taken up enough room. And yes, I'm totally not ashamed to be hanging around with these people. Ha! :D

Take it easy everyone~

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hooray for drawings...?

Hey all,

Well, after making all these drawings, I have finally scanned one in! This won't be a normal practice; I'm moving, so I'll need to buy a scanner. But, in the meantime, we fought this guy in last Tuesday's Dungeons & Dragons campaign. My character has a new battleaxe (while she's getting her anchor enchanted), but it's just not as good. 'Specially against FAT. Eeeew.

You are what you eat!


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Oh my God shoes

Ha ha...I have recently succumbed to a great and terrible evil...

....but at least I look good. ^_~


Friday, August 03, 2007


Wow, I never knew I could be this busy....

First of all, George is a rap next Friday (Aug. 10)....For as much as I'm pretty sure I've lost years of my life, I wouldn't trade this experience for the world...I met the most amazing people, and I learned so much. A pre-emptive thank you and I love you to all my Studio B folk!

Next, I'm moving! Yup! Time for a change of pace and location. Let's see what I can come up with....

....and while speaking of a change of pace, the following Monday I'm starting at Bardel! No break from the beating of George, but that's okay. I'll have my nice maple tea to keep me happy....

....Oye. So much to do.

And, for once, I'm actually drawing for pleasure again! Let's see if I can actually get this one up

Chow, guys.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I don't know much about this anime, but the ending dance sequence is a great piece of animation.

...Even if it makes absolutley no sense at all.