Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's Cady Time!

Hello dearies.
Dun dun dun....! A little anti-climactic (or should I say belated?), I know, but, my internet has been rather tempermental as of late.
So....my class started final film yesterday. Yup. THE final film. The final film, as in the one that we've heard SO many stories about...wah. I'm scared.
Honestly, though, we're just on character designs, storyboard and leica reel right now, and it...well, it almost doesn't seem real. Or, I should say, I don't feel that we're in any reel danger. See, there's a bit of an animation joke, you know, 'reel,' instead of...? Yeah. Nevermind. :D
Even though there's a lot - I mean, a LOT - I mean, huge, HUGE amounts of work, but, as the elected official of my class, I have a lot of faith that some fucking kick ASS films are going to come out of this year. Go 63!
Anyhoo, last but not least, my final 'wah,' because a couple of new games I preorded are coming out during final film:
-Ookami, for the PS2, coming out....oh! Tomorrow! Crazy japanese ink painting game with a sweet-looking wolf god. Woot.
-Final Fantasy 3 for the Nintendo DS, coming out sometime in November. The REAL number 3, not 6.
-Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner, for the PS2 again. Hey, if Atlus slaps an SMT in front of a title, you KNOW it's gonna be fucking sweet.
-Phoenix Wright: Justice for All for the Nintendo DS. I have NO idea when this is coming out, but we have a preorder SKU for it. The date reads 01/01/06. Uh oh. Looks like I missed the boat on this one. o_O;;;; Get it right in coding, you morons!!
Well, I'm off to play Lego Star Wars 2. Can't recommend it enough. Taste defeat, Empire! Hah!
Love always,

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Laurel said...

Boo-Urns...post more...I don't wanna hear any whinging about the final film either....clearly this is FAR more important.