Friday, September 22, 2006

O-M-G - Where's the ring?

Don't worry, I found a new one. :D
Can't get enough of that video. Maybe that's how I should make my flash film...
Things...are going well. There' word it delicatly, a bit of an "internal conflict." Things are getting rather tense, you see. Actually, I'm the one instigating all of it, but a blog is really not a very appropriate place to be posting things like that.
Final film is going rather well, in my opinion. I just got my storyboard signed off earlier today, and I just need to drop my exported stills into Adobe Premier for editing and timing. Then, it's onto character design and...yeah! That will be an early deadline met (woo!), then it's onto layout!
To all of those who are actually listening, I don't know what I was freaking out about. Final film is actually really fun.
Be aware that I'm probably going to eat those words VERY SOON. :P
Yeah, other than that, things are alright. I bought Ookami yesterday....what a beautiful game! Man alive! I feel it has sort of a wierd, "Ecco the Dolphin" sort of atmosphere, where you're an animal character inside of a huge world. I've only gotten to play about two hours of it (I'm sure a certain SOMEONE KNOWS WHY.....>_< ), but man, is it ever cool. Highly recommended.
Well, I'm actually going to fall into bed....Being angry really saps the energy from you, doesn't it?
Love always,
PS - Hi Laurel!!! :D

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