Thursday, November 16, 2006

Celebrate Good Times

Hello, my dears.
My, what a busy week! I'm awfully happy....
Now, I just need the official sign-off.
But then I'm set! :D
Just....really.....working, I guess. Super tired....snore....This weather is very dangerous for everyone, directly, and indirectly. Directly, as in the sense of, like, the Chilliwack river flooding, and indirectly as in the I'm-in-bed-and-it's-warm-in-here-and-cold-out-there-and-I-wanna-stay-in-my-bed sorta thing. Dangerous. *_* Suxx0rz. :P
Shipping delays at work....PS3 coming out tomorrow....super. But damn! I'm working on the Wii release on Sunday! Oh well....I said I'd work Sunday's again...I can't complain.
Oh - one last thing - Anat and I have found God, and it's name is Creme Caramel tea, by Stash.
Now, normally, I wouldn't touch Stash tea with a ten-foot-pole, what on account of the fact that it smells and tastes like ass, but this stuff is really good! I'm impressed! They describe it as being based off of the Dolce de lete dessert (sp?). Man....Mmm mm. Bit of milk and sugar, and you're really cooking! Yum!
Well, I also drew a picture that I'm really proud of, so I'll scan it in later on.
Take care,

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