Wednesday, May 23, 2007



A co-worker of mine showed me this awesome little commercial for the 'Zune' mp3 players.

They're kinda....strange, but really cool and creative.
Have fun!

EDIT: Here's the main site with lots more fun shorts!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meet me at the Caravanserai

I was a bad girl...I took Friday off to go to lovely Victoria to see one of the single most influential musicians in my life...

Ladies and gentlemen...Loreena McKennitt.

It was such an amazing experience, and having Laurel there to share it with me meant so much more.
Even with the Greyhound strike, Pacific Coach Lines (the bus route we took) was great. The entire traveling portion of the trip went without a single hitch....the bus left on time, rolled onto the ferry, got off, and dropped us in Victoria.
The downtown core was stunning, to say the least...(Don't worry, Laurel got tons of photos. :D ) We got to Keith's place no problem (Dad, I don't know what you're talking about....Keith's place is in a fine neighbourhood!), unloaded our stuff, took a nap, then headed out.
We went to this awesome Irish pub before the concert to grab something to eat...what a place! The building was gorgeous, and the food and the atmosphere were great! They had live Celtic music downstairs! How cool is that?!
Afterwards, we walked a few blocks to the 'McPherson theatre.' I kept on telling Laurel that this really didn't look like the right was kinda dumpy for a theatre. So, we went inside to ask the guy, and he was like "Oh, Loreena McKennitt! She's at the Royal McPherson Theatre!"
....So, after walking about eight blocks (my first time in stiletto heels, by the way...ow.), we get to this theatre that is literally a castle. It was just stunningly beautiful.
We get inside, take our seats, and realize that we drastically brought down the average age group of the entire theatre crowd..(everyone was at least felt a bit odd.) But, she came on, playing the harp, and opening up with She Moved Through the Fair. I warned Laurel beforehand, but I just couldn't help the tears that ran down my face....I was just so happy to be able to see this. Not to mention that the seats I bought were in the second row - we were so close, we could see the crow's feet near her eyes, and every smile she gave.
She was a breathtaking performance, and so multi-talented - in that single night, she effortlessly switched between the harp, piano and acordian, and I'm sure she can play more. It was great was obvious that she really cared for the people she played with, and they adored her in return.
The whole experience was like something out of a dream....I still can't believe it happened. ^_^

Needless to say, we got back okay....tired, but okay (we got up at 6 am in order to get back at around 10:30). I'm going to write Keith a very nice thank you note...I don't think it's appropriate to give him a twenty. :D

Anyhoo, it was perfect in every way. I had lots of fun, and I would do it all again in an instant. :D
Photos will come up hopefully soon when I grab them from Lo.

All the best,

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Good Idea, Bad Idea


Maybe watching seven straight hours of cycle one of America's Next Top Model after realizing you've gained 14 pounds isn't the best idea.

I can say I'm regretting watching eight of the most beautiful women in America parade around and effortlessly look stunning while I'm feeling....less than optimistic about my current body image.

Blah I say.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Magically Delicious


One thing I have to say about gaming is that I love finding little....well, 'gems,' if you will. Games that no one would give a second glance that turn out to be incredibly enjoyable, and, if you're lucky, it'll become a 'sleeper hit' (which are about 80% of game titles I play...;___;).
The game in question would be Magical Starsign for the Nintendo DS. I was still working at EB when it came out, and quickly faded away, never to be spoken of again.

(Sorry if this stupid thing got published...Flash shortcuts are now embedded into my brain.)

Anyways, as I was saying, Magical Starsign came out in...oh, about January 2007.
The story revolves around a group of students at the 'Will-o-Wisp Academy of Magic' on the planet Kovomaka. Now, on a funny design note, all the planets that you visit (yes, you visit planets on a spaceship ^_^ ) all look like giant, themed, floating islands in space. *_*
My first impression playing this game was Harry Potter meets the Winx Club meets crazy space travel. You choose your main character (m/f; I of course, choose the girl), then you have your crazy, themed, elemental group of friends and fellow classmates:
Lassi: A wind magic user. She's a frumpy little, long-eared bunny girl. Kinda flakey, but really a sweet girl.
Mokka: An earth magic-using robot. *_* Mokka is, of course, the cold, calculating, sensible one.
Chai: An anthropomorphic, forest-magic-using salamander. Chai's a nice kid, bringing the 'organic' side to Mokka's more dispassionate nature.
Pico: A hot-headed, redhead fire magic weilder (who didn't see that coming?). Pico is your stereotypical adolesant male. He also likes Sorbet, but he's still in the 'girls are kinda gross stage' of his life. :3 So cute.
Sorbet: A water magic user, and the last friend you wrangle up. She's a nice girl, although a little dramatic for my taste.

At first, I complained that there was no chance for you to get to know the characters seperatly; you all start out in school. Then I found other things to complain about - the controls, the beginning story, etc.
But, I continued playing. Everyone gets seperated, so you get a lot more one-on-one time with the different characters, getting to know them.
The plot, although light-hearted, is actually a lot more mature than I thought. Through the kiddy facade lies an intricate plot, with a surprising amount of death and emotional anguish. The game also constantly pokes fun at itself, which is always something to appreciate.
Once I got past the controls and what-not, I took a look at the battle system. It's turn-based, which I like a lot more than real-time, but with the different planets going into their 'power zones', AND the constant day-night cycle (you have light magic), either you or your opponents get stronger.
All in all, I'm 17 hours in, and I'm having a blast. Considering I picked it up used for $14.99, this was one helluva buy. I highly recommend it. :D


Monday, May 07, 2007

Scratch One...

Well, one thing off of my do-to/to-find-out list...


Yaaaayyy!! Now, I just need the proper documentation, and to pay for the $1400 US plane ticket.... ;___;

Wish me luck!

~Happy Cady

Sunday, May 06, 2007

An Exciting Oppurtunity

Interesting times ahead, huh?

There's going to be a lot going on this coming week....
1) - Hopefully, I'll find out if I'm going to have work after this show....If not, well....I'm boned. Not to mention that if I do actually get this show, I need to ask if I can take 2 1/2 weeks off in November because...
2) I'm going to Israel!! Wowee!! I need to grab myself a Canadian passport (oohh...lineups...*sob*), but it'll be so cool! I'm going along with my two roommates, one of whom is an Israeli. Considering the most exotic place I've been to is the USA, I'm really looking forward to it. Besides, we'd go when they have their...uh.."winter" (being Canadian, I use the term loosely), where it will be a chilly 25 degrees. :D
Mind you, I haven't lived through a real Canadian winter....a friend of mine from Calgary said it can get to be -60 with windchill. EEK. o_O;;
3) ....And speaking of my Israeli roomie, her birthday is coming up on Tuesday. ^_^ Happy Birthday, grandma! :P Ha ha ha ha....

Well, I'll keep everyone updated with what's going on....Well, whoever reads this thing, anyways...*sigh*
Keep well, everyone, and let's hope spring actually arrives. I think it's cab is lost.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Minus several Ninjas....

....Because apparently, I've been...tagged...? Uh, thank you to Michelle....
What exactly am I supposed to do?