Friday, August 11, 2006

Clear sailing ahead! *yikes!*

Hello again.
Man alive... I'm feeling awfully selfish complaining that I'm having a bad least I have a roof over my head, a clean, comfortable, safe living space, and that I'm neither being bombed - nor am I sleeping in an airport right now. Good tidings to all those out there....hang on to your luggage! ^_^;;; Just, hang in there period. :P
I guess just too many of us are concerned only with what's going on in our own little worlds, huh? Like, getting two assignments done by next Friday (full animation!), along with working the WHOLE FUCKING WEEKEND because everyone's deciding to go on vacation?! Yeargh. As if yesterday's meltdown wasn't bad enough....ah well. At least it wasn't public. *_*
Okay - now, seriously, I'm going to be scanning those things tonight. No excuses! Bad Cady! Bad!
Speaking of which, if I can find/make a nice one, I'll post a picture of my air-headed alter-ego, Cady. Well, she's not so much my alter-ego, just a character I role-play with. I'll draw my REAL alter-ego at some point. Like, if people actually start reading this dribble....
Well, I'm in class - Werner awaits.
PS - If you get a chance, try watching some Werner. It's hella popular in Germany, and one of the features, "Eat my Dust," was actually kinda cool. Also, "The Old Lady and The Pigeons." If you can find it, WATCH IT!! I can't find any links or anything yet, but I'll keep looking. :D It's by the same guy who did "The Tripletts of Belleville."

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