Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Machinegun Opera

I thought this was a pretty good idea....get a film done within a 48-hour lockdown at Calarts. Wish VFS had something like this. :D

Friday, December 22, 2006

Something to pass the time

Hello, dears.
While your whittling the time away this holiday, why not do something to enrich you mind and imagination?
I just read a fantastic book: The Life of Pi by Yann Martel. (Pi pronounced "pie," like the pastry, or 3.14). The story goes like this - Piscine Moritel Patel, or, Pi for short, is on a cargo ship to Canada with his family, and a good number of his father's zoo animals. The ship sinks. All that's left is a hyena, a zebra with a broken leg, an orangutan, a 450 lbs. male Bengal tiger, and Pi, a skinny, 16-year old Indian boy.
This is the story of his 227 days at sea.
I'm probably making it sound stupid, but trust me - this is the best book I've read in a while.
Happy reading, and happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

He Will Be Remembered

Hello, dears.
For those who read this blog, I'm sure this is nothing new, but for the newcomers, it is with a heavy heart that I annouce the passing of the brilliant Joseph Barbera (1911-2006), the other remaining half of the Hanna-Barbera duo of animation.
Realistically speaking, no, I never knew the man, but if it weren't for people like him, who knows where I, among thousands of others, would be today? Would I really be going to a school JUST for animation? Would I be training to spend the rest of my adult life making cartoons? Perhaps, if men like him, along with Bill Hanna, hadn't come along, commerical - hell, just animation PERIOD might not be where it is today.
Case in point.
As a citizen of North America, it's undeniable that characters such as Tom and Jerry, the Flintstones, and Yogi Bear have made SOME sort of impact. If I go up to my 57 year old dad and say, "Yabba dabba do!" he'll know exactly what I'm talking about.
Thank you, Sir Joseph, for taking animation where it is today.
I'm sure that a gray tabby and a little brown mouse are weeping for the loss.
Love always,

Joseph Barbera

Sunday, December 10, 2006

For Whom the Bell Tolls...

...It tolls for those who don't have their clean-up done. x_x
Well, we're on the proverbial home stretch, here. One week until our Christmas break, and really only one more week of 'free' (I use the term VERY loosely) to do the grunt-work for our films.
I'm half-way through my clean-up, but I've done pretty much all of my tough scenes, so there are really just easy ones ahead. :D Not to mention that I'm colouring them about as fast as I'm cleaning them up.
I'm honestly a bit scared. I'm so tired, and I'm not sure I can get this done.....
But, where there's a will, there's a way. I certainly haven't come this far just to give up.
I drew another nice pic that I'm proud of....when I get a chance, I'll scan it in.
Take care, everyone.