Monday, November 13, 2006

It's getting harder....

Hello, everyone.
It's Monday, my "real" day off....I know I should be going to school, I know I should. I worked all day Saturday, and, honestly...unless I HAVE to go to school, it's getting harder and harder to motivate myself to get up and go. I'm always so tired, and staying at home and relaxing just seems so nice, you know?
Put yourself in my shoes - outside, it's cold, gross, and it's a one-hour commute to school. OR - I could be here, in my apartment, wearing comfy pj's, and drinking tea. Hmmmm.....decisions, decisions....
Well, at least I brought some work home, so it's not that bad. I'll make an honest attempt to get SOMETHING done today....blah. This blows.
Sorry. ^_^;;;
Take care,
PS - Head over to to see the trailer for the new Simpsons movie. Don't forget to read the little comment that goes with it - us animationist types will have a good laugh. :D

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Michelle said...

Kelly!! I know how you's hard for me to get to school and I live 10 minutes away...I figured it was the combination of grey skies and continual, never-ending, physically painful (I was cleaning up some scenes today), overdue work. Too much to do, so I don't know where to start and therefore don't want to...?? I hope ya had a good day relaxing! =) see ya Tuesday!