Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good Omens

Hello, everyone.
Well, this is it - I'm done.
Done, done done.
My one-year course at VFS is done! ^_^ Weeee!
Grad night was really cool...I was a little choked that some of my classmates ditched us, but hey - what can you do?
Once again, I just want to say how proud I am of guys all worked so hard throughout the year, and I wish you guys all the best in your future endevours! Viva CA63!
I don't want to count my chickens, but I also might have an interview this Friday at Studio B...! :D
We'll see what happens. Good things may come out of it! ^_^
Speaking of anyone else a little weirded out by the sudden snowfalls we're getting? Snow on Monday, and, well, I'm up east in Mission right now, where it started snowing....fifteen minutes ago? And, wow...there's a LOT of snow. o_O;;;
Be careful, residents of Mission! I know you're all terrible drivers when there's snow!!!
Take care,

Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's a Miracle!

Hello, dearies.
I've got two words - YE GODS. We're graduating tomorrow!! Waaaahhh!! I'm so excited....honestly, I totally don't know what to do with myself...I'm finishing up some little projects here and there....mostly just killing time. I've got to go grab a nice skirt for tomorrow. Hmmm....
Speaking of little jobs, my old friend Shari got me a little 'gig' - drawing Pokemon at a kid's birthday party! It was actually really fun - I brought some art supplies, and all of my old Pokemon cards (I started collecting when they FIRST came out, so I've got a bunch of really rare first-editions)....The kids got a total kick out of it. The only thing that sucked was that I was really sick. I tell ya - when it hurts even to blink, eight screaming eight-year olds don't sound too nice. :D
But really - the family was so nice, the house was clean, and everyone was so friendly. I had a blast. And hey - I made $25 an hour! Not bad!
So much has happened in the past week...and I can't even begin to write it all down.
I'll make more frequent posts in a few days.
PS - Oh! Right! Studio tours!
On Tuesday and Wednesday, my class (only four of us on Wed) went out to Studio B, Bardel, Mercury, and Monkeypaw studios. The studios were awesome, and everyone was great to talk to. But really, I had the most fun being a "tourist" with Jim (our tour guide and ex DIP instructor) and the rest of my class. We went all over Vancouver, and ate out, and bought a bunch of silly little things. Fun! :D

Friday, February 09, 2007


Hello, everyone!
I just wanted to showcase some artwork that I did for my classes' up-coming gradutation.
I'm really proud of how it turned out...and sorry - the file is HUGE.
Take care,
PS - I'm the red-head in the middle! ^_~

Lock 'em up tight!

I was just browsing one of my favourite websites, Penny Arcade, when I came across something....well....amusing. Apparently, FOX News Milwaukee did a report on the horrors and potential raping of your beloved children - all throught the NINTENDO DS.
Dun dun DUN!!!
You see, the DS has a built-in program called Pictochat. Pictochat is fun, silly, and for all-intensive purposes, a mini-MSN chat room. It will automatically seek out other happy DS' to connect with.
Good times to be had by all.
Now, what this report is saying is that child molesters can use this nice little feature to "lure" your children away, as mention before, for potential raping, among other things. o_O;;;
Give me a fucking break.
I WORK at an EB Games. It's part of my job to make sure that the customer knows as much about the product as necessary, for fun, safety, and cost. Why are parents so worried? In today's day and age, where wireless communication is a part of everyday life, shouldn't you have taught your kids a while ago, back a few years when MSN was becoming really popular, to BE CAREFUL? It's common sense. I mean, I'm 21. I would be weirded out if someone comes into my chatroom and starts asking me for my address, personal info and measurements.
Mom, Dad, take some responsibility. The world is not NEARLY as dangerous as FOX News makes it out to be.
"Will leaving the house make your child vulnerable to child molesters? Find out at 11."
No kidding, PA.
Take care,

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Crunch Time

Hello, my sweeties. :D ever wake up, look at the calender, and wonder how the HELL you misplaced an ENTIRE YEAR?!
My class graduates in...what....about two and half weeks? Honestly, it feels like I just finished fretting about getting a student loan. Like, I know I sound corny, but, wow. This year just flew by. Four whole seasons. Twelve months! Ahhhh!!
Well, hopefully after this, I'll be able to get a job...well, a REAL job. Not that EB Games is bad, mind you - I work with wonderful people, and hey - I get to sell video games for a living. How bad could it be? But, after working this hard, I feel I'd like to challenge myself in other venues than retail customer service. Let's see how lucky I get. :D
I'm acutally having a lot of fun in Flash. I can't wait to start screwing around with it at animations! Sprite animations! Weee! Phoenix Wright spoofs, here I come!
Speaking of which, Phoenix Wright: Justice for All is a FABULOUS game! (In-game joke...heh heh.) Go out and buy it! Or borrow a DS and play it! If you play one great narrative game this year, make it PW. Seriously.
Well, I should get back to it....maybe I'll post some life drawing when I make my grad portfolio. We'll see what happens. ^_^
Take care~