Friday, March 21, 2008


Oh man! Ahhh!!! X_____X
Wow, it has been....too...too...WAY too long since I last posted. =s Work is neverending, and now with Facebook, and life....bah. I do apologize to the three people who read this blog. lol.
Well! While I have been busy, I couldn't be happier! So much has been going on since I last posted...
First off, because I'm happy and I love to gush, my boyfriend and I are doing very well. =) I met him through a mutual friend, and while it is tough sometimes having a long-distance relationship (he lives on Vancouver Island), it's really not that bad. I miss him terribly sometimes, but at least it's a long-distance that's actually do-able....Going to see him is actually a really easy and straightforward trip. We talk often over msn, or we it's good. *giggle*
My work! Ah yes...the intrepid team of Fit Brains. Our site has since gone live via a soft launch, and whlie I don't really understand the business side of things, we are apparently doing very well for ourselves. Despite a few...hiccups, everyone is trying their best and doing such a great job. I am very honored to be working with such a talented and driven team.
Hop over and stay awhile! Maybe even make a profile. =D
Hmm...what else...started playing a new role-playing campaign...a really cool Star Wars one...our D&D campaign (which is SO close to finishing....) has been put on hold due to...emotional stress. Long story. =/
In any case, I always think I have more to say in these here are some great little animated shorts to keep y'all busy:

"Jump in (Michael)" by No More Kings...

Dungeons & Dragons 4.0 - The gnome and the teifling....

Dungeons & Dragons 4.0 - The beholder interview....

Oh, and speaking of D&D...last week, Gary Gygax, the co-creator of D&D, passed away due to health issues. He was 69. May he rest in peace.

Well, I think that's all I've got for now...keep it real, everyone, and I'll try to be more diligent about updating. =P