Thursday, August 03, 2006

He is so teh haxors.

Hello, everyone.
In a bit better mood today....Just on another note, to those who interact with me on a day-to-day basis - I apologize for my tasteless humor and bad attitude this past week. It was VERY unlike me, and I'm sorry. -_-
Now, onto some nicer notes - or just weird ones. What is it about me that attracts homeless people, and men over 40? This morning, I'm riding on the Skytrain, doing my thing (listening to music). Now, I have my headphones on, and my head down, when I hear a voice kind of shouting "Hey! Will everyone just stop shoving?" Curious, I looked up, only to see the source of said shoving. This african-american woman had jostled her way through the morning commute crowd to get to me specifically - she leans over towards me, so I take my headphones off, and she asks if I had any spare change. Now, not the guy sitting next to me, or someone else, but ME. Very strange. As for the men over 40, well....more of an annoyance, really. Now, I haven't been in a relationship in....hmmm....this November, it'll be three years. Don't get me wrong, there have (and are! ^_~) guys that I like, but the ONLY people who actually come up to me to strike a conversation, or try and get me to come home with them (o_O;;;) are men old enough to be my Dad. It's IMMESNLY IRRITATING. Am I destined to be some sort of twinkie? *sigh*
Okay - enough of that. On to fun stuff! - This is the blog of my life drawing teacher at school. He is, as the title states, teh haxors. Teh haxors indeed. Or maybe he's more of an aimbot....hmmm....I'll have to think about that one. So nerdy! :D This blog is a girl in my class. She's super. :D Maybe I should start a net-wide petition to get her back fixed, hmmm? Yeah, that's right. I'm looking in your direction, missy.
Now for the cool stuff. In a stroke of brilliance, I forgot some of the drawings I wanted to scan, but I'm going to try something else.
Wish me luck!
Love always,

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Michelle said...

he he...maybe we should start a donation thing, so that everyone can fund my back replacement surgery. =) That would for sure help my life drawing!!! he he..