Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Whoop! There she is!

Hello everyone.
Well, even amidst the turmoil, there is always a ray of light. My roommate (and one of my dearest friends) finally came home today!! :D I'm so happy to see her! She's back safe and sound, toting many goodies from her parents. I missed her so. ^_^ Welcome home, Anat!
Let's see....final film is going wonderfully - got all of my shit signed off nice and early! Onto layout tomorrow....three days ahead of schedule! Woot!
If I can remember to scan them, I'll post up a picture of my final film character designs for my two pooches - Astos and Argo, the werewolves. ^_^
Yeah.....other than that, nothing really else going on. Well, nothing that I'll post, anyways. *cough*
To layout!
Well, to bed first
Goodnight, everyone.
PS - While exploring another great blog, Cartoon Brew (cartoonbrew.com), I came upon a great little competition that was held a while back: introducing the Top 10 Most Influential Flash Shorts in "Cold Hard Flash!" http://www.coldhardflash.com/2006/09/flash-animation-10.html
Have fun!
PPS - Am I the only one who thinks the John K. one (George Liquior and Jimmy the Idiot Boy) is fucking stupid, poorly written, poorly animated, and just all around blows?

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