Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hello, everyone. :D
Busy c0uple of days! Argh! I worked literally all weekend long...of course, everyone's gotta take their vacation time NOW, at the END OF TERM...I have the feeling I've alread kvetched about this. Bleh.
Yeah....I'm tired. REALLY tired. REALLY, REALLY tired. But, on a nicer note, I'm off in....two days? Counting Friday? Yay. :DToday was a special day for two big reasons: 1) It was my older brother's birthday today. Jesse is....24? 25? Oh oh. I'm embarrased. And, 2) It makes me happy to see my friends happy, and today, a dear friend of mine is VERY happy - her highly coveted game came out today!! Presenting....Final Fantasy VII - Dirge of Cerberus!!! Woo! She's been waiting a good, long while for this game. She's having fun. :D
Actually...come to think of it, I have a picture of her that I drew - hold on a sec.See you later, lovlies.

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