Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just a quickie~

Hello, kind citizens~ :P

Just a quick little blurb...I'm at work right now. Honestly, I love what I do. Again, how many people can say they make cartoons for a living?
The reality is, that while I adore what I do, it is hard work. I've seen people cringe (literally) when I tell them that I started on GTJ. Oh well....trial by fire. At least I'll learn lots. :D
Speaking of jobs, I also have an animation test for the second season of Pucca on Saturday...I'm wondering if my poor computer can run it...! Wish me luck!
Again speaking of jobs....*sigh* I'm so sure I didn't get that mapping job for Looking for Group. I haven't heard anything about it, but I'm sure there are a million more people who are much better than I am. :( Go fig.
One o' those weeks....


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Map Quest

Hello, everyone!

Posted below is actually for a 'job application' for an awesome webcomic I'm reading. Keeping my fingers crossed...!

This is a rendition of my group's D&D map, all done in col-erase and ink. ^_^


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Geekin' out with style

Shout out to all you fellow gamers!

Recently, the art show exhibit called I am 8-Bit recently showed down in least, I think it was CA.
Anyhoo, here's a link (thank you to Geekology ). There's also a book availible; one of my friends owns it (you know who you are! ^_~ ). The stuff is kind of creepy at times, but they're really cool ideas, and it's nice to see what can be created out of the love and inspiration from retro video games.

Now, all they need is a 16-bit art show....mmm.....Sonic the

Monday, April 16, 2007

Writing Sheet

Here's an adorable film that was on Cartoon Brew, who linked it off of 'No Fat Clips!'

Hell, I know I've done that plenty of times. :D


Friggin' ridonkulous


For any fans of blood, gore, and weird Korean animation, then have I got a link for you!

I'm not sure what the movie is even about, but I remember it being at Cartoon Brew at some point....
In any case, enjoy!

...Whatever it is.


PS - ...You'll regret not going. :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I suck.

Hey everyone~
It was recently pointed out that I suck, in regards to the URL I posted yesterday for the webcomic "Looking for Group."
Here's the REAL one:

There. My sucking has temporarily ended. :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Watch out for that tree

Hello, dears.

My, my,'s been a busy couple of weeks for all of us, hasn't it? Whether it's final film, class, work, animating, or production coordinators quitting, everyone's got their hands full.
It's great - spring, I think, has literally exploded all over BC.
Well, the West Coast, anyways.
It's warming up quite nicely, and flowers and buds are's beautiful. And, and, I'll actually get to see it!! Hah! No more cooped up in a classroom for me! Now, I'm just...cooped office.
Ah well. How many offices do you know that make fucking cartoons?
Not many, I would imagine. :D
And really - how many people can honestly say they love their job? I would say maybe the same amount of people.

Well, I'm keeping busy...I have, to this date, animated 5.18 seconds. Sadly, that's more than I made in about two weekends at my old job. Woo hoo!
Hmmm.....what else....
Now that I have full-time work like any other adult human being, I'm trying to find things to occupy my weekends and weeknights. Bellydancing is one of them...the teacher, God, she's so ninja - I need to catch her to buy my pass so I can go. :P Frustrating.
There's also a great webcomic I'm reading: ....I'm not a huge WoW fan (World of Warcraft, for the not-so-game-savvy), but it's a really fun story, with really nice character designs...his expressions are amazing. They've just posted that their looking for an artist, but one who specializes in maps. I can do maps, but I certainly don't specialize in them....wah. The cool thing is that the comic is produced by Blind Ferrett Studios, located in Montreal. I've seen some of their stuff, and they do a lot of animated versions of already-exsisting webcomics. I'd love to do some freelance for them one day....^_^

Well, that's about all I've got now...I've got some art to post, but my roomie's scanner - well, her computer is having a bit of a....situation right now, so they'll have to wait. ;___;

Best to all, stay creative,