Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rough ride...!

Hello, everyone.
Been a semi-busy week....labour day long weekend (hah! What weekend? I worked the whole damn thing...), but it doesn't look like everyone got some well-deserved rest. I hope my poor class is going to be up for final film....! o_O;;;;
Nothing much else going on, actually....I've been a bit 'under the weather,' and I'm waiting for my blood test to get back. Good times. :P Probably nothing, but it never hurts to check.
Yeah....actually, I've got nothing. Starfox Command for the DS is pretty cool...controls are a bit difficult. I spent a bit of Saturday getting totally owned by my assistant manager. It was nice. :D
I'll try and make a decent drawing to put up
Good night. ^_^

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Michelle said...

We could make brain brain is about melting, too...if not by the end of tonight, it will be definatley by the end of this week. =) he he...feel better!!