Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Let it snow

Hey all,
I just had the urge to make a comment about the immensly abnormal snowfall. I'm at my school still, and...well, I've never really spent a winter in Vancouver, but it is so unbelievably cold I can barely move.
A classmate of mine just pointed out that it started snowing again....second one today. Yikes. I shouldn't complain, though...we wanted a white Christmas (if it'll last that long!), and at least I'm not still back in my old town, Mission. My dad was telling me that...well, too many people have already DIED in the last...what, three days? Lower Mainland drivers are NOT PREPARED FOR SNOW. Very dangerous out there.
To anyone in this area - for God's sake, try taking transit. Stay warm, bundle up, and wash your hands frequently - nasty cold's goin' around.
Take care, and...well, I guess we should try to enjoy it for what it is, right? ^_^;;;

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