Monday, December 03, 2007

An Artistic Update

Hey everyone~

So...counting down the days until Christmas (or Channukah...whichever), and counting the days that I've been unemployed. -_- It was cool at first to get a break, but now...I'm in a rut. I hate not knowing where my next job is going to come from...I'm just going to apply for something else. Ah well.
Hmm....I haven't blogged in a while, eh? Well, what's new?
~I got to go ride in an ambulance last Sunday because of a reaaaallllyyyy bad asthma attack. LAME.
~I won a one-week 'memebership' at my local Fitness was the first day of it, and wow. I've been waiting for a workout like that. ^_^ If I could afford a membership, I'd be all over it.
~I's gots some drarwin's! Take a look:

My friend got me a Faber Castel brush pen, and this is me having fun with it. ^_^ He's so angry!
This is me attempting a graphic style with one of my characters, Cady. She is very happy.

In any case, I'm going to go and put them on my portfolio as sure to check it out, you potential employers, you! :3

Anyhoos, that's about it. Fairly quiet, everything considered. Well, maybe except for the absolute crackhead weather we got on the weeked...crazy blizzards for two days, then it shoots up to 12 degrees from the Pinapple Express, and rain and flood and...yeah. o_O;; Well, I heard this is supposed to be the coldest winter in fifteen years, so bust out those scarves and mitties everyone!

Take care guys~

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Jasreet Pratap said...

hey kelly sorry to hear that you are have a hard time with not working and all . i think that the industry will probably pick it self up in jan . anyway i met zanko and Michele they are really happy together . and you should post more of you own stuff online . i would love to see more