Monday, December 10, 2007

Blah de blah blah


Hmmm....been unemployed for now...this is my fourth -_-
Bah...this is driving me nuts...I like getting up in the morning to go work....rawr. Asthma getting out of control...might not have enough money to eat....grrrrr. Kinda wish my chosen career path would pick itself up so that I, among with many other people in the same situation, might get a job....bah. Bah I say.

Uuhhh....anyways, got some fun distractions, especially if you happen to be a fan of the Phoenix Wright game series. Now, bear in mind, absolutly NONE of these make sense...I'll help you guys out with the second video.
(I found these videos on a great PW faniste, Court Records. You should go. ^_~ ):

So Long Mr. Turnabout
The opening of the anime "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei" remade with PW characters. You really need to have played all three games to know who everyone is, but...that doesn't make it any less weird. Also, I've never seen the anime it's based off of, so.....have fun. Love the Phoenix run sequence near the end.

To understand this next video, starring the cast of the yet-USA unreleased PW4 (Gyakuten Saiban) you need to watch this video. It makes....very little to no sense, but it's actually pretty funny. Then watch this, the PW version. Sucks that they cut out the last case with the recorder, though. Ha ha ha... :3


Too funny. ^_^
You all take care~


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