Monday, October 29, 2007

My adventures in fighting crime (a week later)

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone! Have a safe and fun night tomorrow.

I want to tell a story. This happened actually about a week ago, while I was on the way to Daiso for the first time.
This is a story of where my friends and I fought crime.

My three other friends and I all met at a store in New Westminster, and proceeded to go up to the Skytrain station where it all began. As we were coming up, a man walked by/up to us and nearly tripped one of my friends. He gave a lame apology and kept walking. We just figured he was an asshole, but shrugged it off and went up on the platform.
We were all standing up on the platform and waiting for the train, and I was standing a little further out from my friends. The same guy walks up to me, stops, and says: "EXCUSE ME, miss."
Now, nevermind the fact that there was plenty of room around me, but whatever...I said sorry, and moved to let him pass.
We get to the next station over (22nd Street) to catch our bus. While we were waiting, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the same guy was walking towards us. I got a very bad feeling...
Now, at this bus stop with us were two people: a tiny, elderly asian woman, and an older asian man, well dressed, and on his way to the airport. So this jackhole walks up to the little old woman first, and the first thing he does is scream - literally - in her face: "WHAT'S YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM?!" Needless to say, the poor woman was terrified, so she shuffled away. He walks on to the bus stop next to us, and we can hear him shouting at other people as well. He makes his way back to us, where he walks right up to me (about five inches away from my face), takes a drag of his cigarette, blows it in my face, and says "Hey, if you wanna suck my dick, I'll be standing right over there."
What a charmer, eh?
I reply back "Yeah sure, I'll get in line." And with that he walks away. He returns briefly to accost the asian man waiting for the bus by exclaiming that he 'has a problem with him,' and that the idiot thinks he's 'a faggot.' Again, I know, what a hunk...why didn't I jump him right then and there? :s
By the time he came back to harass us, one of my friends was already on the phone with the police. Buddy comes and stands pretty much right beside me and shouts at the top of his lungs: "WELL, I GUESS I'LL SIT NEXT TO YOU FINE, UPSTANDING CITIZENS!!" He sits down on the bench at the bus stop, and crosses his leg so....brusquely that he kicks me right in the leg! By this point, I'm super choked. I turned around and yelled at him "Hey, you're a real asshole, you know that?!" Being the gentleman that he is, he tips his sunglasses down and says he's sorry.
Yeah right.
At this point, he caught on who exactly my friend was talking to. He yelled at him and shouted that 'he was just waiting for the bus to the airport, you fucking homosexual,' and that he 'didn't know what everyone's problem was.' Another of my friends fired off by saying "Good! I hope you get on a plane and get out of Vancouver! I hope you never come back to Canada!" He looks at her and replies "I'm not leaving Vancouver! In fact, no one is!"
Unfortunatly, his bus pulls up, and we never see him again. We end up talking to the Skytrain cops, but the funny thing was that while I was telling one officer what happened, he kept stopping me to listen to his radio....coincidentally enough, there was an situation at the next station over...I gave my description, the cops ran off, and that was that.

Heh heh heh....or so we thought. :3

I get a call while we were on the way back from Daiso; it was the officer I spoke to earlier. He told me that the guy who was harassing us was arrested. Surprise, surprise - the commotion over at the next station was the same guy. Jeez....what a winner.

So, (to trim some time off), the next day, that same police officer comes over to my place to give me the forms to write out a real, formal, police statement of what happened. He proceeded to tell me in greater detail of what happened after we left:
By the time the two cops showed up at Edmonds, some Skytrain attendants were already there detaining him. Apparently, this jackass actually started harassing another young woman on the train. He threatened her to the point where she was bawling; she was literally in tears because she was so afraid of this psychopath. So another guy on the train with his two kids confronts the wacko, telling him to leave the poor girl alone. Long story short - well, you can guess what the dumbass did, and the father literally had him in a headlock and hucked him off the train like a sack of potatoes.
At the police station, he is no more cooperative. In order to photograph and fingerprint him - well - have you ever tried to give a cat medicine? Like how you have one person holding the cat, another its head, and finally someone administering the meds? Yeah. That's how helpful this dumbshit was. Oh wait - it gets better.
The first thing this gold medalist does when he was put in a holding cell?
He undresses, puts his clothes in a corner, and pees on them.
What a swell guy, huh?

Basically, this guy was bipolar, as the officer continued to explain to me. That did not make me feel sorry for him in any way, shape or form, but now I understand that he wasn't just a total fucktard; he actually had a problem. The cop said that I shouldn't be surprised if I get a subpeona to appear in court within the next six weeks.

Thus, my tale drew to a close. Frankly, I disdain ANY man who preys on young women, or just women in period. Honestly, it was almost laughable; like something out of a movie, or a bad episode of COPS. You've just never seen such insane behavior out of anyone before! So this guy probably isn't in jail anymore right now, but I just hope I can do my part, and someone can do us all a favour and stick a needle in his arm. Yeesh.

Remember to be extra vigilant while on public transit, ladies! Avoid wearing headphones, and have your cellphone close at hand.



dan szilagyi said...

sorry to hear that happened kelly, i've seen some fucked up people downtown too, but nowhere nearly that BAD, frankly i'm just surpised someone didn't smoke him in the face sooner.
anyway i'm sure legal paperwork is fun!
on a different note, how is work going?
take care

Myles said...

Hey Kelly,

How's it going?

That's all part of the fun of public transit. Where's your sense of adventure? j/k

I saw this guy on the skytrain the other day who had just got on after I saw him talking with police. You could tell he was a psycho the second you saw him. Anyway, he sat right beside some lady when there were empty seats all around and started snotting while plugging one nostril, and all sorts of awesome stuff like that. He had people changing seats, then he started muttering comments I couldn't hear. Anyway, maybe the same guy?

Maybe next time you could show that guy some of your bow staff skills.

Well, at least it's a good story. Right? Hopefuly you won't have to go to court.


Cady said...

Ha ha...I'm adventurous! Really! :D
Glad to hear you're doing well, Myles. I saw your demo reel; very nice. Did you work at atomic, or was that just an animation test?
I would love to see you and everyone else sooner or later. We should all get together sometime! ^_^
Keep it real, yo.


Myles said...

Yeah, totally, we should all go get drunk somewhere! I've been thinking we should do that for a while now.

I didn't work at Atomic, just did a test, which I passed, but they said they just finished hiring.
I've had a hell of a time finding work, so I've been doing garden work/ yard maintenance. But now it's the winter, and I want back inside! :) I have a promising lead at the moment, so hopefuly that pans out.

Anyway... Is everyone from the class still in Vancouver, do you know?