Thursday, October 04, 2007

Animation Delivery

Hello all,

Sometimes, I forget that while I enjoy many other things, I also enjoy animation. Y' is kinda my job. :3
Anyways, I'm also a gamer. When the two worlds collide, it becomes a veritable symphony of joy. On that note, any good gamer will at least have heard of Valve's new child, Team Fortress 2. My friend showed it to me at her house, I'm not big on FPS', but...oh boy. Me want this game.
Aside from the rocking character designs, Valve has put out three promotional shorts featuring three separate characters/classes you can play as. The animation is solid, and the acting is phenominal!
....In my unprofessional opinion, anyways.

Here's Meet the Soldier:

Here's Meet the Engineer:

And here's Meet the Heavy:

Finally, here's a non-gaming related link to the showcase room of a studio called Three Legged Legs. I came across them after a short they did called Samurai (SO CUTE!! I highly recommend this one), and here's some more of their stuff. They've got a good head on their shoulders.

In any case, enjoy!
And seriously, for all TF2 players - Nerf the Scout.


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macaronni said...

I've yet to meet one who can outsmart bullet..