Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A lengthy review, among other things

Hello everyone,

First off, to all you gamers out there, I'm sure you've LONG heard the news by now:

(By the way, this picture is NOT belongs to 'Digibucket' and her blog 'The Shoebox.')

I am SO psyched about this...finally, almost 17 years of being a Sonic fan have paid off! And now Bioware is going to be releasing a REAL Sonic RPG sometime in 2008? There is a God! ha ha ha...
I am well aware that I am totally geeking out...oh well. :3

Next up, time for a game review!

Luminous Arc
by Atlus Inc., Nintendo DS, $39.99

Okay...I honestly didn't think much of it when I first got it. The only reason I bought it was because I wanted to get back into grove of tactical RPGs (I do own both Disgaeas, but I haven't played either one). While Luminous Arc does have it's flaws (like lagging...bad memory management. :S ), and being able to rotate the map would've been nice, and the fact that this game was NOT meant in any way for the stylus. Seriously, if you play this game, do yourself a favour and just switch it to D-Pad'll thank me later.
Luminous Arc follows the story of Alph, his little brother Theo, and a small cast of characters called the 'Garden Children'. The game takes place in a world where they, like many other people, are in service of the Luminous Church, the worlds' most powerful religious order. Legend says that their 'God', Zehaal, fought beings called 'the Witches' (along with dragons), and the world crumbled...the Witches were cast away, and Zehaal was put into a thousand year-long slumber.
The Witches are beings with something in their bodies called 'rune'...Witches are the only people in the world that can cast magic. There is a witch for each element: fire, water, nature, wind, thunder, light, and dark. Now, in classic Cristian satire, the Witches were the personification of the utmost evil in the world, and that Zehaal loved all, blah blah blah...
After meeting Lucia, the Dawn Witch, Alph begins to really see the world, and the Luminous Church, for what it really is....
I won't give away any more than that...the twists are actually quite good, so go play the game if you want to find out. ^_~
But, easy to learn battle system, lovable characters, and a surprisingly mature and thoughtful storyline.
I give this guy....8 out of 10. :)

Hmm...what else...Oh! Got some exciting and interesting news....I was contacted by the 'Content Manager' of Aniboom (, and she asked me to submit my film into their festival! She said I 'have a very good chance of winning.' Wow! Even if nothing comes out of it, my film was asked to be put in a festival! I'm really excited!

Ha ha...not much else going on....Still looking for a job when this one ends...*sigh* Fierce competition. :S

Later folks...I've got a cold to get over. -_-


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