Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heart for a Hero

Hello everyone~

I thought all the gamers (or whoever reads this stupid thing...^_^;;; ) would get a kick out of this:

While this is a brilliant take on the 'silent hero' bit, it makes you wonder why. Why are they mute? And why are they all so damn lovable? Link, Chrono (Chrono Trigger, for all you old-skoolerz), even Dr. Gordon Freeman (Half Life). They're all such memorable, iconic characters - yet none of them have spoken a single word.

Any thoughts? :)



Vicky said...

Wahaha! I saw this~~ what strikes me more is that this guy is only 19 and is only ENTERING post-secondary. Gah. Such excelling posing and acting T_T

It's so true though-- I think this can be blamed on the other characters in which we're brainwashed to think they are sweethearts because the girls in the games kinda... drag them around and gush about how wonderful they are! Although I wouldn't know about half-life because I haven't played that yet >>;

dan szilagyi said...

i think in some cases a voice can ruin an image of a character, for example tom and jerry were always silent yet when the feature movie came out they both talked and it RUINED both of them, so i think in this case not having them talk is a safer bet?
its cheaper too
another idea is because most people assume they are that character while playing so them talking might ruin what you would think.
i'm not sure...just random rambles