Monday, June 11, 2007

Extra Taggege

Hello, dears....

I have been tagged. Basically, I say seven random facts about myself. I don't talk about myself that much (at least I hope I don't!), so here goes:

1) I have vices and guilty pleasures just like everyone else, and mine are unfortunatly....really, really girly. :P I absolutly adore America's/Canada's Next Top Model, and I firmly believe that Tyra Banks should be the president of the United States. :)

2) I owned a hedgehog for almost two years. His name was Sonic (after my childhood hero...^_^), which was funny because he was fat and MEAN as hell. :3

3) I get so scared at some movies and games (like Silent Hill 4) that they make me cry.

4) My absolute, most favouritist pizza in the whole wide world is: prawns, goat cheese, and sundried tomatoes with pesto (preferrably homemade) on a whole-wheat crust. Yum! :P

5) I am part of the first 'female-only' Dungeons & Dragons group in.....probably the city. :3

6) One time, a rent-a-cop mistook me for a hooker when I was waiting for my ride home from work. I was still in my Famous Players uniform. o_O;;;

7) I took Aikido for a year when I was seventeen. Now, I'm in bellydancing, of all things. ^_^

Well, I'm not sure if I did that right, but...there you go! Little-known facts about me! I'm not terribly exciting, though. Sorry! ;P
Also, I want to mention that music I'm totally diggin' is a band called Avenged Sevenfold. I don't usually do....uh, "rock," but these guys are awesome! I recommend Strength of the World and the Beast and the Harlot. Great songs. Super hardcore. :3

Bye, all~
Back to work!


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Michelle said...

Yay, Kelly! Welcome to the rock side of things! =) he he...