Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Done and Done

Hello all~

Gonna make this quick; I'm at work right now, but....

move successful!!

Woo! Yeah, I've finally got my own place now! It's SO COOL! A little weird....I've never really lived by myself, plus I'm on the ground floor, right by the front door. So it's a pretty high traffic area....I suppose it's natural to be a little paranoid, right? But, I'm in a good area (or so I'm told), so I'm trying not to let it spoil my fun.

I've got people coming into my place today to a)Replace the curtains, b) replace the linolium on the kitchen, and c) give me the powers of teh interwebs. :D Waah! So much going on....but I wouldn't change it for anything. ^_^

What time is it?



1 comment:

Michelle said...

yay! you have your own place now!! Don't worry bout being on the ground floor..if it's safe there it's all good....=) And I may just have some stuff to gibe to Laurel...eventually..when I go through and purge some stuff I'll be sure to pass it on!! See it is fun...he he...anyways, we'll have to lunch next week...when you have monies...=) lemme know! Hope le Bardel is treating you well =)