Sunday, September 09, 2007

All my internets were hacked at once!

Ha ha, nothing was hacked. I just said that because it was funny. :3

Jhimminey...this will be my first blog post from my brand new place! lol! I've techincally had internet since Wednesday evening, My computer put up a big fuss about being moved...^_^;;; My old net signal was always obtained through a wireless router, but after I moved, my ethernet connection was disabled and completely non-functional. Basically, it turned into 'I need the driver for the network adapter so I can get on the internet, but I need to get on the internet to get the driver.' On top of that, Windows decided it needed to be re-activated (we're assuming because I now have a different IP address.)
Then, on top of that, my newly obtained Playstation 2 decided to turn my brand new copy of Persona 3 into ground beef....;_______; That totally sucked.

Saturday was not a good day for technology.

BUT - I grabbed the appropriate driver from Anat, and my friend Sid said he'll see what he can do about replacing my poor game and everything's looking up. ^_^

The new place is also really cool...I'm still getting used to all these weird sounds and Extreme paranoia + living alone + ground floor suite =.......o_O;;; But, I'm sure I'll get used to it. Honestly, it's so...nice to abide by my own schedule. On the weekends, I can sleep in, go for a run in the park nearby, shower, and eat breakfast at my own leisure. I'm sure I'll start getting lonely really soon, but I know I have a few wonderful people that I can invite over at any point. ^_^ Now, as for entertaining, some chairs to go with my dining room table would be nice.... :3

Peace out, all~

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Vicky said...

Lonely is not allowed :O and I still owe you a visit!!! We still need to have a geek day and (even though I haven't actually seen your old place T_T) I wanna see your new place :D