Thursday, March 08, 2007

Things are looking up..! ^_^

Hello, everyone.
Funny story - a bit after grad, but mostly after I got my new job ( Studio B revisionist! I'm so happy!), I felt....well, really good about myself. But, not just like, "Hey, I did a good job," but like, "Hey, I'm no longer working in mall retail, making $8.30 an hour."
To put it the best I can,
I feel like an adult.
I feel professional, confident, sexy, intelligent, and successful. Pardon the cheese, but I feel like a new chapter is opening up in my life. And considering where I live, how I'm used to living, and what I'm going to be making, I can start taking big dents out of my numerous educational debts, and really start having fun. Maybe I'll even start investing....ooohhh!!! My bank, Vancity, are just the greatest....I asked them about RRSP's a little while ago - wouldn't hurt to start saving for retirement, hmm? What, with the way this economy is going....*_*
Well, that's about all I've got for today...I'm going to get a cheap haircut, because my 'poof' is driving me NUTS.
Take care, everyone! All the best in the future~

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Michelle said...

WHOA! we are sooo on the same wavelength, Kelly...I just got my haircut like an hour ago...and I was feeling toally lucky and happy all week!! start, hey? Love it, love it...see you Monday!!