Saturday, March 31, 2007

Attention All Poor Animators!

Music World (or at least the one at Lougheed Town Center in Burnaby) has a bargain bin filled with animation!
Well, okay, not so much filled, but today I found two dvds from somebody called 'Quality Cartoons.' The two dvds they put out were Superman Forever and Classic Cartoons: More Fun.
The Superman one is the (first?) eight episodes of the original Fleischer bros. fame, while the Classic Cartoons has sixteen different classic shorts from all walks of life. Characters include Woody Woodpecker, Mighty Mouse, Baby Huey, and a handful of shorts under 'Adventure Tales' - including the famed Dover Boys at Pimento University.
The best part? These dvds are only $4.99!
I picked up both...I mean, this is quality archival animation, here!
Have fun shopping!


Jasreet Pratap said...

hey kelly . that sounds like a great deal. by the way there is a auto motor show at bc place and it is worth a look at . cheer

kadianimate said...

Cool! I love animations!!

Another Vancouver art student with a similar name. Do you get people pronouncing it "Caddy"? Cuz I SHURE DO.

Cady said...

Yeah, that's how to pronounce it, but that's not my real name...^_^
It's just a pen name based off of a character of mine. My real name is Kelly. :D
But, nice to meet to nonetheless!