Sunday, March 18, 2007

Full Circle

Well, here it is finally. This is what I spent about five months on at school. Thanks again to all who helped me get through this. :D


Michelle said...

Yay, film!! =) 5 months well worth it...

...just think, soon...we'll be seeing our animation stuff on TV!! How cool is that?? he he...=)

(and beans do taste horrible, but only if choclate is not involved) he he.

macaronni said...

AWWWwww!!! I'm so sorry that I missed your class's grad!!!

Well, I'm glad that I'm able to see it :)

Such brotherly love~ :P

macaronni said...

By the way, are you working right now? if so which studio? :)

Cady said...

Yup...Studio B. ;D
So far, it's wonderful...hard work, but you can tell they really love their staff.