Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm making a note here...

....Huge success....

....Well, okay, I'm not sure if it's a success yet. We'll have to wait and see. (Any of you Portal fanboys will get the title joke. :3 )

I've made an art/portfolio blog! It's just called Kelly's Portfolio....I'm going to continue to post piccies and doodles on Tea Time, but the other one is just more 'professional.' Hoping to grab some contract ends tomorrow, and it's depressing and stressful as hell not having a job.
Around Christmas time.
When your computer monitor dies.
....And your fish tank starts acting up.

....Yeah. In any case, it's out of my hands...all I can do is try.

Hmmm....what else....well, aside from imminent joblessness, I've been totally digging Team Fortress 2 out of Valve's Orange Box. I play on my friends' boyfriends' computer when I go over....I can't wait to get a copy for myself. Pyro is my best friend, especially when certain people *wink* play as spies.....BEWARE MY FLAMES (AND SHOTGUN) OF JUSTICE!! ^_^
Playing Persona 3....saw Pixar's Ratatouille on Monday....amazing. Absolutely stunning....Brad Bird, sir, you have done it again. A must buy for anyone, animation enthusiast or not.
Hmmm....well, aside from some exciting news that I don't think I have the authority to divulge, nothing else....
Keep it real, all you dawgs! :3


PS - Feel I should do some comic plugs....
~ Josh Lesnick's Girly is great. Still. Drop whatever you're doing and go read Girly!
~ F@nboy$ by Scott Dewitt is teh awesome. This man has a great sense of volume for his characters. Did I mention it was also funny?
~This one is great....a haven for SSB geeks, and people who just think Link is the cutest thing ever....Awkward Zombie!
~This one....Rice Boy....I'm not even sure what to think of it, but it's just so....interesting. Really neat graphic style, and the story just sucks you right in. A beautiful tale of saving the world, even if it doesn't seem like it's worth it...

Happy reading!

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