Friday, August 31, 2007

The End of the Road

Hey all,

Wow, Friday the I get the keys to my new apartment. Wacky! It's a short move, and I'm by myself for the first two days, :( but at least my Daddy and Stepmummy are coming out on Sunday to help me. On that note, thank you so much three day weekend! *sigh of relief*

The more time I have to get settled, the better. ^_^

So yeah....I'll be dismanteling my computer tonight, so nothing for at least a few days, so I just wanted to leave you with some lovely parting gifts.

I drew this last week at D& character, Deina, is the big one - she's not really that big (she is only an elf, after all), but Ariel, the one on her leg, is the mage....during battle, since I'm the meat shield/heavy hitter, she casts 'giant size' on me. That spell is so much Yay mayhem! From the top is Unis ie. Kiyamo and Dyonisis (Dee), his giant celestial wolf, Nai ie. Silver Fox, our skirmish archer, and Kaya ie. Ariel, our mage. (Our characters have aliases because we're always being

Second, for all you gamers out there, here's the heartwarming meeting of the first time you encounter a Little Sister and her over-protective co-hort, the Big Daddy. Awwww.

Peace out, all.

Love, Cady

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