Sunday, May 06, 2007

An Exciting Oppurtunity

Interesting times ahead, huh?

There's going to be a lot going on this coming week....
1) - Hopefully, I'll find out if I'm going to have work after this show....If not, well....I'm boned. Not to mention that if I do actually get this show, I need to ask if I can take 2 1/2 weeks off in November because...
2) I'm going to Israel!! Wowee!! I need to grab myself a Canadian passport (oohh...lineups...*sob*), but it'll be so cool! I'm going along with my two roommates, one of whom is an Israeli. Considering the most exotic place I've been to is the USA, I'm really looking forward to it. Besides, we'd go when they have their...uh.."winter" (being Canadian, I use the term loosely), where it will be a chilly 25 degrees. :D
Mind you, I haven't lived through a real Canadian winter....a friend of mine from Calgary said it can get to be -60 with windchill. EEK. o_O;;
3) ....And speaking of my Israeli roomie, her birthday is coming up on Tuesday. ^_^ Happy Birthday, grandma! :P Ha ha ha ha....

Well, I'll keep everyone updated with what's going on....Well, whoever reads this thing, anyways...*sigh*
Keep well, everyone, and let's hope spring actually arrives. I think it's cab is lost.


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