Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just a quickie~

Hello, kind citizens~ :P

Just a quick little blurb...I'm at work right now. Honestly, I love what I do. Again, how many people can say they make cartoons for a living?
The reality is, that while I adore what I do, it is hard work. I've seen people cringe (literally) when I tell them that I started on GTJ. Oh well....trial by fire. At least I'll learn lots. :D
Speaking of jobs, I also have an animation test for the second season of Pucca on Saturday...I'm wondering if my poor computer can run it...! Wish me luck!
Again speaking of jobs....*sigh* I'm so sure I didn't get that mapping job for Looking for Group. I haven't heard anything about it, but I'm sure there are a million more people who are much better than I am. :( Go fig.
One o' those weeks....


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