Thursday, April 19, 2007

Geekin' out with style

Shout out to all you fellow gamers!

Recently, the art show exhibit called I am 8-Bit recently showed down in least, I think it was CA.
Anyhoo, here's a link (thank you to Geekology ). There's also a book availible; one of my friends owns it (you know who you are! ^_~ ). The stuff is kind of creepy at times, but they're really cool ideas, and it's nice to see what can be created out of the love and inspiration from retro video games.

Now, all they need is a 16-bit art show....mmm.....Sonic the

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Vicky said...

WAHH!!! You found photos!!! That's just too cool. I think these are entries that are going to be published in the second book coming soon... really can't wait!

Actually... drawn? Or was it cartoon brew? Had a link to enter your piece of artwork for the exhibit/second book or something. I was thinking of entering, even though the deadline was a few days away... except they wanted traditional media only! D: So all these works did indeed have their blood, sweat and love poured into them! XD

Maybe next contest round! And then we can both enter something :P you could try sneaking in sonic somewhere in there XD