Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stuff n' Such

So! Woo! Another week gone by! Am I the only one who's crying inside because Christmas is only a few weeks away? Man, why does it come so fast when you're older? Not cool, dude...not cool.
The piccie that I drew is just a quick doodle, commemorating the four year anniversary of World of Warcraft! Thanks for taking our lives and money, Blizzard! Nah, you guys are great. =)
Again, not really a whole lot to say nowadays...doing quite good...working hard....
Oh! My webcomic, World of Warcraft, Eh? has been featured on WoW Insider! I couldn't believe it! Eeeeeee!!! XD I'll keep working hard to make WoW Eh a success! Er...artistically, that is. =3
Well, it's late, and I'll hopefull blog a little more seriously nowadays...if you want to get more up-to-date (and slightly WoW saturated info), go to the webcomic.
Peace out, yo~


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