Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hangin' round downtown

Hey all,
Well, first off, I've got to say I'm...surprised..and touched by the comments I've recieved regarding the last post two weeks or so back. Thank you all for your support; really. It means a great deal. It's also nice to see that people actually read this thing. =P ha ha...
Pardon again for the lack of posting. I'm a creature of habit, and having Monday AND Tuesday off kinda threw me off track. ^_^;;
A couple of things on the radar....

-I saw Pixar's Wall-E last night, and WOW. Once again, they have truly outdone themselves. Before I got to see the film, my biggest question (and what I was most excited to see) was how. How did they do it? All of the starring characters in that movie don't talk! They're robots...all they can really do is....well, emote. It's easy to show when Wall-E or EVE are happy, sad, annoyed, but to convey their entire personality on top of that was a real treat to watch. I need to find out who animated on that...
Not to mention that story-wise, it's probably the darkest plot they've undertaken so far. While The Incredibles has so far been the only Pixar movie to be rated PG, Wall-E's adventures end up defining the literal salvation of mankind, and this poor abused planet we live on. It's a fantastically charming story of love, companionship, devotion, and perserverance. Hats off to you once again, Pixar. =)
- I finally got to try out Mario Kart Wii. Eh....not impressed, Nintendo. Just because SSBB was a real show-stopper, doesn't mean it's going to carry all of your weight. Pick up your own slack and quit cheaping out.
- A few great concept art sites worth checking out...
Something nice to strive for (after I'm done chopping my hands off)
-Oh, and, because I feel I have to openly support him (sorry if I offend anyone,'s nothing personal): I would like to say a hearty congratulations to Mr. Henry Morgentaler for recieving the Order of Canada award. This man rose up from the horrors committed by mankind (he was a Polish jew in the interment camps) and has strived to give women the ultimate gift - reproductive freedom. He has about six operting abortion clinics across Canada, and I think it's an amazing thing. He's fought controversy, beravement, and probably many threats to his practice, yet he kept going. Before he was 'legalized', Morgentaler performed thousands of illegal abortions, just so women could choose what to do with their lives. This is one of the reasons why I love this country so much.
So, to any pro-life advocates out there, keep believing what you believe. Keep forcing women into a corner, into poverty and ruin because you're useless and faceless God says it's 'not a nice thing.' Keep believing that your body is a slave to society, and that you have no say in how you want to do family planning. Hey, whatever twirls your Santa.
Or, how about this - to all you ignorant and bigoted pro-life activists out there - if life is so precious, why bring it into the world when you know it will not be cared for? If, for example, I had a kid in the next year, I wouldn't be able to survive. Within months I would have lost my job, and most likely either been living in my parents basement or on the street. I would have no job, no money, and no life.
Who wants to do that for their child?
Or here's somethingn else to chew on - there are already THOUSANDS of children worldwide, even nationwide, that are desperately waiting to be adopted. If you can pay to find EVERY SINGLE ONE a good home, well then howdy-day, you'll have put me in my place.
Why not crusade against the thieves? The murderers? The rapists? Why hassle and target women who have maybe made a poor decision, or worse - sexually assulted.
Why? Because they're already lost and frightened, and I know how religious zealots can smell fear. It's like blood to a shark. Easy prey.
I am pro-choice. A women's body is a temple; her own most sacred possession, and I'll be god DAMNED if anyone will tell me what to do with it.

...Well, that's all I've got for now. Keep it real, everyone. Make sure you enjoy the summer sunshine (if you have any where you are!)


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Dan szilagyi said...

I argee with you on mario kart there, its not nearly as good as i'd hoped, i'd go as far as saying double dash is waaay better then the Wii one.

as for Wall-E, I've heard nothing but good things about the movie, so i'll be looking into it.

lastly another good site to look at for concept art stuff is if you haven't already