Monday, June 02, 2008

Fit Brains FTW!!

Well, it's Monday, June 2...officially the first day of our site launch.

Honestly, it was a little more anti-climactic than I though it would really, it felt so good to hear my boss say "Well gang, this is it. We're finally up now!" I work with some of the most talented, amazing and hard-working people I've ever met. Everyone has their own quirks, but hey, who doesn't?
I raise a glass to everyone! Great job, team! You all deserve the praise. =)
So, once again, for the three people (if not less) that read this sorry excuse for a blog, Take a bite. It's delicious. =3

Now, I'm going to talk about what I probably shouldn't, and that's World of Warcraft. YES, I FINALLY started playing. I know, I know....shame on me and all that jazz.

My first encounter with WoW dates back to 2003, when it was actually released in North America. I was working at my first EB Games job over in the new Mission store. To be honest, I had known about the general Warcraft brother and a few of my friends were big fans, but at that time, and what was my reasoning since it came out: MMO's require two things I don't have: time and money. If I wasn't working two to three part-time, minimum wage jobs to stay afloat, then I was a full-time student. THEN I was knee-deep in animation work! So now....finally....finally, after all this time, I finally started playing.
And you know what?
I LOVE it!
This is actually my main, Cady...I haven't made any alts yet.

Moo. Yes, for some reason, I have a big tauren fetish. Well, okay, not so much a fetish as I just really like them. I admire the Tauren....honorable people, who respect eachother and strive only to coexsist in harmony with the Earth Mother (Mother Nature, if you will). Their entire culture has, not once, ever seen progress through conquest...they have fought in wars, but only to defend that which they believe is worth protecting.

So, this is Cady. She's my level...18 druid. Currently, I am pulling my hair out trekking across the Goddamn continent trying to get her water travel form. Ugh. -_-

If you'd like more information on the Tauren race, please consult your local library, or just parouse through here: VERY handy site for everyone...from the lowly noob to the seasoned veteran, there's something new for everyone to learn. I'm actually having a lot of fun reading about all of Azeroth's history and major heros and villians. Very fun stuff. =)

So, with that being said, there's something I've been thinking about: in MMO's, it is said that nearly 80% of female avatars/characters are actually all played by men. Now, when I asked my boyfriend about it (he used to be big into Guild Wars), I asked him why he played a female character. After a bit of mumbling and dodging, I concluded for him that it all comes down to one factor: who's ass would you rather stare at for hours at a time? A big hairy man ass, or a supple female derier? I would assume the choice was obvious, and he agreed.

So, then, by his (my?) definition, does that me some sort of lesbian? No, it doesn't. When given the chance for character customization, I will, almost without fail, play a woman. Why? Because I enjoy living the fantasty of playing a strong female character. Cady, my tauren, is probably about over seven feet tall, and several hundred pounds. She's not obese; she has a wonderful hourglass figure, actually, but she's strong. Cady can shapeshift into fearsome animals with the click of a button. She can cast painful and debilitating spells that can lay a mob or player to waste. I play women because I like seeing women succeed. Pardon the language, but fuck all that damsel in distress bullcrap. I am a modern woman, and I like playing powerful, intelligent and independant characaters. Plain and simple.

Again, if anyone else actually does read this blog, thoughts? Comments? Am I off my rocker? Who knows?

The important thing is, for MMOs and any other game you play, play to have fun. =)

Peace out, yo~



Vicky said...

Congrats on the launch!!! :) Now we must do something.

Haha, my brother plays a girl in guild wars too. I asked him why, but according to him it was because she had the "best stats".

I also have a friend who has a rather "damsel in distress" personality, and in the one MMORPG she picked up, she decided on playing a healer.

Personally, I would also play a female character probably for the same reasons you would. Playing an all powerful female is pretty sexy, in my books.

Kelly said...

We must!! When are you free? =3